2019 Closed Dates - Mark Your Calendars!

2019 Closed Dates – Mark Your Calendars!

Hi Everyone!

It’s that time of year again where we post what days we’ll be closed so that you can mark your calendars and plan in advance 🙂  On that note, we are receiving a lot of requests to make reservations MONTHS in advance!

We’ll be accepting reservations up through Monday, April 29, 2019, as of December 1st; on March 30, 2019, we’ll be opening up our calendar to accept summer reservations up through September 5; and on August 31, 2019, we’ll be accepting Holiday reservations.

Here are the list of dates that we’ll be closed:

  • January 4-7
  • February 22-24
  • March 22-24
  • April 12-14
  • May 17-19
  • September 6-October 6


Price Changes!

Well, we’re here, folks! That dreaded time that we have been holding off on for a very LONG time: the raising of our prices. We held off as long as we could but just can’t hold off any longer. With expenses going up, we have no choice but to go up, too.

So, here are the NEW prices!

  • $35 a day per dog
  • $61.25 for a 2-dog family
  • $87.50 for a 3-dog family
  • $113.75 for a 4-dog family

Note: The Facebook 10% discount doesn’t apply to the multi-dog family rates as these rates are already discounted (and more than 10%!).

  • $40 per night per dog

Note: There is no multi-dog discount for boarding

  • $40 per dog

Note: There is NO price change to this service!

  • Still FREE for the Woodland-area!
  • Davis: $10 (one trip per day, eg, pick-up or drop-off) or $20 (two trips per day, eg, pick-up in the morning and drop-off at the end of the day)
  • Outside Woodland and Davis, call/text for rates!
  • The Facebook discount still applies to boarding and daycare but not KROMP or the Taxi service.
PayPal Surcharge
  • It’s still 3% … no change here.

The price changes go into effect on MONDAY, FEBRUARY 5, 2018.

We still think that our services are a good value (even with the price increase) and we hope that you do, too!

If you have any questions for us, just let us know!

2018 Closed Dates — Mark Your Calendar!


We’re a little late getting these dates posted for y’all, so without further adieu, here ya go!  For your planning pleasure, listed below are the dates that we will be closed for vacation.  There are as follows:

  • September 7 – October 7

Watch Funny Dogs Work Together

We’re creating a YouTube page for our website so that you can see us in motion!  Our YouTube channel boasts tasty treat recipes, dog training tips, some of the adventures we go in (KROMP) and so much more.

An example of our pups in action is in the video below.


Safe Summer Travel

Summer comes and everyone’s off with their dogs in tow.  And, why not?  It’s just an awesome time of year to give your pup that extra attention you’ve been wanting to for so long!

We’re providing you with just a few tips to make sure that you and your pup have the absolute MOST fun while traveling 🙂

  • If you plan on putting your pup into a new daycare, in a new place, make sure that your pup is healthy and has been healthy for at least two weeks;
  • Make sure to take your dog’s medications if he/she is on any;
  • Take a digital copy (paper is fine, too, if you don’t like to do things electronically) of your pup’s medical records to include his/her vaccination records;
  • If your pup suffers from allergies, keep a close eye on any eye discharge.  A clear discharge is fine.  However, colored, thick discharge needs to be checked out by a veterinarian to rule out Pink Eye, which is very contagious.

Here’s to a great summer full of fun and safe adventures for you and your pup!

End of Life Mobile Vets

We all know that there’s no place like home, and for most of us, that is the place where we prefer to be when we’re not feeling well.

Home provides us security, comfort, love and peace.  It is also the place where many wish to live out their last days. For our pets (most anyway), the same mentality abounds.  They just want to be home with their loved ones when they’re in their last days.

Is it always possible to provide our pets the option of being euthanized at home?  I guess it depends on where you live, scheduling and what your budget is.  Below is a directory for nationwide mobile veterinarians:

In Home Pet Euthanasia Directory

2016: Mark Your Calendars

In an effort to make scheduling your vacations as easy as possible, each year we try to have the list of dates that we’ll be closed posted WAY in advance 🙂   So, without further adieu, below are the listed dates:


  • January 8
  • February 26
  • March 18-21
  • April 15-17
  • May 18-22
  • June 24-26
  • Sept 9-26 (our vacation)


As always, if you have any questions, we would be happy to help you.  Please feel free to contact us at (530) 867-5727 or you can always contact us via our web form(s).

Have an awesome day!

KROMP to Resume Soon!

KROMP is our premier off-leash, adventure service where we take a handful of pups on excursions to places outside the area to run, swim, hike and have a blast with their friends.

We had to put KROMP on-hold towards the end of last year due to Larry’s (Jessie’s husband) heart surgery, and subsequent, complications that had arose out of the surgery.  Thanks to The Lord, however, he is fairing much better  now enabling us to strongly consider the date in which we will post and resume this awesome service that so many of you are waiting for 😀

Participants must meet the following criteria in order to attend:


  • Great with other dogs (zero aggression)
  • Current on all shots
  • Stay under voice command AND line of sight at all times (no running off or dogs that are semi off-leash trained)
  • Great with people
  • Know basic commands such as “sit”, “stay” or “wait”, and “come” (“down” and “heel” would be great not necessary to know in order to attend)
  • Cannot be sound sensitive
  • Must ride well with others in vehicles


Donner Lake

Donner Lake

If you have any questions about this service, please see our KROMP page or feel free to contact us at (530) 867-5727.

Hoping to have your pup with us for fun in the sun (and SNOW!) <3

Accepting 2015 Holiday Reservations

Yep!  We’re open over the Holidays for dog sleepovers only so get your reservations in soon!

If you’re a new client, please fill out our Services Application in order for us to assess whether or not our services would be a good fit for your pup.

If you’re a current client, text us at (530) 867-5727 and let us know what dates you need.

Reminders:  There are no pick-ups or drop-offs on Sundays.  All pups must enter or exit on Mondays through Saturdays.

Joint Relief for Older Pups

Lanai is getting a little older (okay, she’s 13 years old now!) and is at the point where she needs a little help with her joint aches and pains.  She’s not NEAR as bad as some her age, but she does lay down slowly and her movements are fairly calculated.

Recently, while at Yolo Vet, Dr. Bulkley asked me if I was giving Lanai Actistatin as a joint relief agent.  Since I had no idea what Actistatin even was, the answer was abundantly clear to her 😉  She suggested that I try it with Lanai and gave me a FREE 10-day supply to see if it helped her (this was so kind of Laurie to do!).  Apparently, many people are raving that their pets are feeling SO much better on this stuff that Laurie (Dr. Bulkley) decided to keep it in stock for them!

The 10-days came and went and I will say:


  • Lanai was getting up and down easier
  • She was much happier and had a spark in her eye
  • She has always been energetic but appeared to have a larger bounce in her step (more than usual)
  • She loves the taste of these things and takes them with NO problem


For Lanai and I, it’s well worth the money!