Web Forms Are Up!

Web Forms Are Up!

We are very excited to let everyone know that our online web forms are now up and running under both sections entitled “New Clients” and “Existing Clients”!  As a scheduling convenience to all, we’re hoping that this process saves you some time–and paper 🙂

The scheduling process is very simple!  If you’re a new client and would like to schedule your pet’s first service with us, click on “New Clients” to fill out the appropriate agreement form.  For example, if you would like us to service your pets at your home, then you would fill out the In-Home Service Agreement form in conjunction with the New Service Request form.

If you’re needing us to customize a service for your pets based on the services we offer, let us know what you need.  On the New Service Request form, there is a section where you will be able to state that you are needing a customized service for your pet(s).  There is also a place, on that form, to define what you’re looking for service-wise (what your pet(s)’ needs are).

Existing Clients, the forms will help you help us keep your pet’s records and care regimen up-t0-date and current.  We hope you like them!

Just a quick note that the policy section of the forms is not included in the agreement forms because at this time, the ability to digitally sign them isn’t an option (in the near future it should be however).  Therefore, we will email you the policy section of the forms in PDF format, which you’ll need to print and sign.