Veterinarians You Can Trust

Veterinarians You Can Trust

We thought we shine the light on a couple of awesome veterinarians just in case you are in the market for a wonderful, compassionate veterinarian for your fur-kid and you don’t know where to turn.

Roscoe and Lanai’s (now only Lanai as our beloved Ross just recently passed away :() medical care and attention have been provided by our dear friend and veterinarian, Brooks Bloomfield,  since 2006.  Brooks owns The Doctor’s Office for Pets in Truckee, California.

As of this year (2013), we have also established them with Dr. Lisa Franz of Yolo Veterinary Clinic (Yolo Vet)  in Woodland, California in order to have a local veterinarian as well for not just ongoing care but emergency care should it arise.

Because our family feels a deep admiration, gratitude and compassion for these two people/extraordinary veterinarians, we wanted to showcase them both in a post on our website so that others and their fur-kids may benefit from their care should they find themselves in search of an outstanding veterinarian.

Dr. Brooks Bloomfield

Brooks Bloomfield

Brooks, a.k.a. “Dr. B”, is a very dear friend of ours.  He’s one of two veterinarians that we’ve ever ran across where our pets were as happy as we were!  He is a rare veterinarian that if pets could pick their own physician, that you yourself would also like, he would be the one picked.  His common sense approach in effectively diagnosing pets while, at the same time, making owners feel absolutely at-ease is beyond compare—and is what he is–and always will be–known for.  Just part of his unique ability to merge common sense with compassion is the fact that he adds a third component to the mix that a lot of pet parents never get the chance to experience:  Effective communication through the education of your pet’s needs and concerns being addressed during the time of examination.  Basically as he examines your pet, he has the uncanny knack of being able to articulate the findings, prognosis, diagnosis and treatment into a thorough but manageable amount of information that is easily absorbed and retained.

He has 30+ years of practicing veterinary medicine on wildlife (not just domesticated animals).  Each animal that has been the recipient of his care, leaves his office being showered with affection during the visit and before they leave (yes, not only will he love on your pets, he also gives them treats)  🙂

If you’re looking for a primary veterinarian, in the Tahoe Truckee area, or are looking for an emergency veterinarian if you travel to the Truckee area regularly with your pets, Brooks Bloomfield is worth your consideration.

Dr. Lisa Franz

Dr. Franz

Dr. Franz is simply amazing and someone who our family has very quickly bonded to!  She came to the rescue for our family when we found ourselves unable to get Ross up to Truckee to see Brooks [Bloomfield].  It was such a wonderful, peaceful feeling when we noticed how quickly and easily Ross bonded with her 🙂  This was a huge relief for us because, as far as we’re concerned, if our pets don’t feel comfortable with their physician, neither do we.

Her knowledge of animals is quickly noted as she’s examining your pet to the point where if tests are needed, you can be assured that they are absolutely necessary.

Beyond the fact that Dr. Franz is an extensively thorough, compassionate veterinarian who has an extraordinary amount of patience (just having to answer the many questions concerning Ross’s illness we had without rushing us) is one thing, but the fact that she also reaches to the core of her patients making them feel comfortable and safe (especially in times of distress for them) is another.

Dr. Franz is now Lanai’s additional veterinarian.

It’s important to add that she was our family’s only choice, in this entire valley, that we would allow to care for Ross.  And, she’s the only one in Yolo County as well that we have established our pets with.

If you’re in Yolo County and need a veterinarian who will deeply care for you and your fur-kid, as well as, effectively communicate information to you and proficiently diagnose your fur-kid, don’t look anywhere else and give Dr. Franz a call.

[pullquote_right]We find ourselves very fortunate to have not one but two phenomenal veterinarians caring for our pets.[/pullquote_right]

Thank you, Brooks and Dr. Franz!