Tap It Merchant Program

Tap It Merchant Program

If you’re an employer, we would like to introduce you to a new idea of obtaining more business by offering group discounts.  The program is called “Tap It” and it’s free.  We’re calling this merchant networking campaign “Tap It” because many people will be able to tap-in to savings just by merchants working together to establish a way to help people out, as well as, their own company’s bottom-line by creating a referral network.

Non-Employers:  Tell your employer about this program so that you, too, can get tapped-in to the savings!

This is a new program that we’re hoping will catch-on quickly with other merchants so that all people–employer and employees–can benefit from group discounts.  The whole idea was developed and stems from nothing short of sheer, raw compassion to help our fellow countrymen and women during these difficult economic times.

Our Invitation to Employers: We would like to offer you and your employees a group discount of 10%. (A “group”, as far as KYPSAH’s personal group discount rules are concerned, constitutes three or more employees of the same company.  For your company, a group could constitute any number you wish.)  The discount is ongoing and has no expiration date.  However, it isn’t combinable with other discounts.

How Our Group Discount Works: At least three employees from one company must book and keep their reservations in order for that company to obtain the group discount.  The catch is that at least three people from the same company need to make reservations together (the service dates can be different but the reservations must be made and everyone’s individual pet service kept).  Once the reservations, for at least three people from the same company are completed, that’s it!  They would then have a group discount that would be open to all of the company’s employees! And, all it takes is three people making pet reservations at the same time.

If your company offers the same type of group discount to other merchants, and the merchants’ employees, then just maybe we’ll be able to stimulate the economy by working together to give all of our customers the best service ever since this program is designed to help others (if you decide to offer the group discount and be a part of this referral network, you can concoct your own exceptions and stipulations of course that meet your company’s needs).  We can build a network of merchants helping merchants, which, in effect, will help out our employees, our customers and our families.

This program can easily spread like wild-fire to other businesses that can jump in at any time!  For those of us businesses involved, we can advertise on our own websites what merchants are hooked in to the Tap It program for our (yours and mine) clients to see (you could create a web page, on your website, just to notate what merchants are in the program—nationwide). Those clients will then potentially go to their own respective employers telling them of the program they saw advertised and who knows … this Tap It program could end-up having a big group of merchants working together to help people, which would be extremely beneficial especially in these difficult times, by just creating group discounts, as well as, cross-referring to other merchants in the Tap It program.

This program would cost nothing so, of course, there is no obligation to be affiliated with it.

For more information, please email Jessie Riggs at jessie@kypsah.com.