Local Spotlight on: Dixie's Paws & Claws

Local Spotlight on: Dixie’s Paws & Claws

At the heart of most every pet owner that we have the opportunity to meet and service is the deep desire to furnish their fur-kids with the best of everything from food and toys to everything in between.  Dixie’s Paws & Claws is local pet store that has the ability to accommodate this heartfelt desire.

Dixie’s Paws & Claws is a quaint, cozy store in the heart of Woodland on Main Street brimming with charm, product knowledge and an eagerness to completely satisfy each and every one of .  Overflowing with the best products that a pet owner can find, their store is exploding with an enormous inventory.  However, putting their impressive inventory aside, a huge pro in our eyes is their customer service!  Corinna and her family are indeed present for their clientele and make themselves entirely approachable 🙂

We invite you to check out their store for your pet’s needs and also check them out on Facebook!