Spotlight: Groomer, Cassandra Torda of Fur Friend-Z

Spotlight: Groomer, Cassandra Torda of Fur Friend-Z

Lanai and I were at Fur Friend-Z today.  It was time to get Lanai bathed again (I have to bathe her myself) and ran into a very sweet groomer by the name of Cassandra Torda and her mother (I didn’t catch her name though).

Cassandra was busy working on a cute little pup when Lanai and I arrived.  She and I got to talking about dogs, our love for dogs (of course, everyone who knows us, The Riggs, knows we love all pets!) and rescuing animals.  She’s a very sweet girl!   Her mother was also very sweet and stopped to talk to me as I was washing Lanai 🙂

When Lanai and I were finished getting her coat nice and shiny again (she was brown and now she’s back to being her bright white self again…this will last maybe a day if I’m lucky), I was noticing that the pup Cassandra was handling was very content and Cassandra was calm and happy, too.  It was great to see neither of them were stressed in the least!

We know a few groomers and wanted to make sure to get the word out that we met another awesome one today!  Cassandra works at Fur Friend-Z and her number is (530) 661-6080.

[pullquote_right]Give her a ring if you need your pet groomed!  [/pullquote_right]

Spotlight: K-9 Medicinals

In an effort to do everything we can for our little Roscoe and his battle against Lymphoma, we purchased a product from a family-run company called K-9 Medicinals located in Carson City, NV (a product made in America).  The product we purchased to help Roscoe’s immune system is K-9 Immunity Support Plus and its purpose is to build-up a dog’s immune system while fighting cancer or other such serious illnesses.  It’s important to note that healthy dogs can benefit from this product as well.

As far as tasting good to dogs, I can say that Lanai LOVES this stuff (we tried it on her to see if she would eat it), and she is one picky eater!  I have been giving her one as a daily supplement the past week (this was also done to help entice Ross to eat it).  Because the prednisone has really changed Ross’s appetite (it’s made him very finicky!), he will only take the supplement ground-up fine and mixed with baby food (chicken, beef or ham).  He’s only been on it for a few days so we really can’t report any significant findings at this time.  We’re hopeful, however, that it will work as well for him as it has for the many fur-kids that are noted on their Testimonials page—and soon!


For dogs that are in need of a joint support supplement, K-9 Medicinals also sells K-9 FullFlex.  This product uses a stated “three-pronged approach for complete joint support” which is as follows:

  1. Reduces inflammation
  2. Supports cell regeneration
  3. Improves mobility

With Lanai and Roscoe at the 10+ year stage of their lives, they need a little more extra nutrition that goes beyond giving them a wholesome, nutritious diet.  And with illnesses such as arthritis and lymphoma sneaking up them (Roscoe was recently diagnosed with Lymphoma as was briefly stated above and Lanai has arthritis), it’s important for them to receive the best food and supplement intake as possible to help them cruise through their older years with grace and happiness 🙂

We encourage you to check out K-9 Medicinals and consider their products (they have a few) for the well-being of your fur-kids.  They back-up their products with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee, too!  How awesome is that?!


This post was written prior to the passing of our beloved Roscoe.  We never had the chance to publish it prior.  Though our experience with Ross’s cancer was rarer than others that we could find (not quite the same variables), we still believe that this product may have aided him if variables weren’t what they were for him.

Currently, we are giving it to Lanai as a immune support supplement even though she is remarkably healthy.