"Wa-Wa Power"

“Wa-Wa Power”

Skating sessions works on all breeds even the little guys who really love to go fast! In the video, Jordie is long-boarding with Pecos Bill, a little Chihuahua who loves to run and pull her on the long-board. Two trips around the block, and he is tuckered out!

Since Pecos has a strong personality, we use this personality trait of his to fuel his exercise by having Jessie skate with Lanai and Roscoe just in front of him. Positioning the dogs in such a way, encourages Pecos to run especially since he’s in love with Lanai (the white dog).

If you incorporate something you love to do in with your exercising your dog, you both will have a great time. And, your dog will look forward to it daily just as you would.

To keep your favorite activities with your dog from getting boring, we suggest any of the following:


  • Alternate your path to make it fresh and new
  • Let friends join in (make sure their dog is dog-friendly and under control)
  • Break in between the exercise session with games such as fetch


Whatever you put into your dog, you will receive back more than double!