Price Changes!

Price Changes!

Well, we’re here, folks! That dreaded time that we have been holding off on for a very LONG time: the raising of our prices. We held off as long as we could but just can’t hold off any longer. With expenses going up, we have no choice but to go up, too.

So, here are the NEW prices!

  • $35 a day per dog
  • $61.25 for a 2-dog family
  • $87.50 for a 3-dog family
  • $113.75 for a 4-dog family

Note: The Facebook 10% discount doesn’t apply to the multi-dog family rates as these rates are already discounted (and more than 10%!).

  • $40 per night per dog

Note: There is no multi-dog discount for boarding

  • $40 per dog

Note: There is NO price change to this service!

  • Still FREE for the Woodland-area!
  • Davis: $10 (one trip per day, eg, pick-up or drop-off) or $20 (two trips per day, eg, pick-up in the morning and drop-off at the end of the day)
  • Outside Woodland and Davis, call/text for rates!
  • The Facebook discount still applies to boarding and daycare but not KROMP or the Taxi service.
PayPal Surcharge
  • It’s still 3% … no change here.

The price changes go into effect on MONDAY, FEBRUARY 5, 2018.

We still think that our services are a good value (even with the price increase) and we hope that you do, too!

If you have any questions for us, just let us know!