2019 Closed Dates - Mark Your Calendars!

2019 Closed Dates – Mark Your Calendars!

Hi Everyone!

It’s that time of year again where we post what days we’ll be closed so that you can mark your calendars and plan in advance 🙂  On that note, we are receiving a lot of requests to make reservations MONTHS in advance!

We’ll be accepting reservations up through Monday, April 29, 2019, as of December 1st; on March 30, 2019, we’ll be opening up our calendar to accept summer reservations up through September 5; and on August 31, 2019, we’ll be accepting Holiday reservations.

Here are the list of dates that we’ll be closed:

  • January 4-7
  • February 22-24
  • March 22-24
  • April 12-14
  • May 17-19
  • September 6-October 6


New Service: K-ROMP!

Announcing a new service as of June 8th:  K-ROMP!  K-ROMP is now the name of our Truckee off-leash adventures, in the Tahoe area, or should I say, Paw’ventures 😀

We are excited to share in our adventures on our Facebook page where you can see pictures and videos of our adventures.

If you’re interested in this service, please check out information on this service here and feel free to let us know if you have any questions.  We would be happy to help you!

Closed from October 3 – 12

We are closed from October 3 – 12.  We will be answering all messages when we come back on Monday, the 13th.

See you when we get back!  😀

Training Begins with… Trust

People often wonder how I get the dogs to obey me all the time (frankly, they don’t 100% of the time because that would make them PERFECT, which nothing is and they’re not…LOL)… they want to know what I do, what I say, do I use treats, what my training “philosophy” is, etc. So, I thought I would share my experience in working with dogs and what I’ve learned so far (I’m always learning something from and about them) when it comes to starting out with a new dog.

Develop a Bond

[pullquote_right]In everything concerning dogs, in general, it starts with trust.[/pullquote_right]

Trust, Security = FUN

Trust, Security = FUN

My first point of order when a new dog comes into my care is to establish a bond. This bond will assure the dogs that, when in my care, there is a balance … a hierarchy which promotes security. The bond begins to form the moment we meet for the very first time. It’s during this first, initial introduction that the dog quickly learns I’m the leader of the pack (all humans in the pack or family should be seen as a leader in my opinion) and that they’re safe. They know there is safety because the leaders are calm but in control; this promotes the security dogs look for and need.  This security is witnessed through not just the control that is over them within the form of rules and boundaries but the control that is also wielded over all of the animals within the pack (the pack can consist of many different animals, too, including cats for example).  These “rules and boundaries” are established right away—enforcing respect–which stimulates trust–that further defines and strengthens the bond.

Dogs size up personalities (humans, other dogs, cats and so forth) – fast. Literally, in a matter of a couple of minutes, a new dog will know:


  • I’m not afraid of them
  • I’m happy to meet them
  • I’m the leader…the Alpha


Have you ever watched dogs and cats meet for the first time? Majority of the time, when a new dog comes into the house, the cats are the first to greet them with nothing short of a smack across the muzzle before it darts off and up its cat tree. Of course, the dog is left absolutely STUNNED for a moment, but more often than not, it never bothers the cats and knows that the cats aren’t afraid of it either. So, what did the cats communicate in a rapid, typical cat fashion?   It said, “Guess what…you’re not all THAT; you’re not in charge around here so deal with it!”

Anxious Dogs

If a dog is experiencing a lot of fear, or has intense anxiety, to develop trust, I will keep them tethered to me for a period of time that could range anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour.  However long the dog needs to be tethered in order to gain assurance that all is well, this is the amount of time that is given to tethering. The key though when they’re tethered to me and what my objective is, is: Establishing trust through close leadership. This is done through tethering in the form of the following:


  • Not allowing them to lead while on leash;
  • Not allowing them to go through doorways first;
  • Commanding and controlling the other dogs around them by allowing all of them to smell each other but immediately after the initial sniff has been completed, commanding space between them so they’re not hyper-focused on each other;
  • Giving them praise and affection IMMEDIATELY after a command has been given that has been executed timely and accurately (I give a lot of simple commands; thereby, I’m always giving them a lot of physical (pets, hugs, kisses) and verbal praise)


By the end of the day, my goal with new dogs is to have established a trusting relationship with them…a first step to a great friendship—a great bond. From here, the rest of our future days together will be built on this trust…the cornerstone in our relationship 🙂 The new commands and skills taught, or refreshed under our command,  from this point forward is much more easily achieved.

[pullquote_right] At the end of the day, it’s about communication [/pullquote_right]

Reservation Notices and Changes Mid-Stream

Sometimes we get general questions about our cancellation policies or changes that are made mid-stream (when a service is already in progress), so we thought we shed a little light on what they (our policies) are 🙂

Because we limit the amount of sleepover guests we accept on a nightly basis, we recommend a week’s notice (a week from the time you need to board your pup with us).  On or around major holidays, however, it is recommended that a four to six week notice (consider this is a minimum as Christmas reservations start coming in as early as June) ­is given when making a reservation request.

Additional Notes

  • No reservation deposit is required;
  • Mid-stream changes to the reservation to a service in progress does not constitute a refund.  A credit, however, may be given, which is determined on a case-by-case basis;


Common Q&As Associated with Reservations and Cancellations


  1. Q:  Do we accept last-minute reservations?
    A:  Yes, we do if we have the space.  Actually, it is quite often we do accept last-minute requests from existing clients 🙂
  2. Q:  Will I have to pay a cancellation fee for changes to my reservation?
    A:  No, you will not.  However, you just won’t receive a refund if the service is already in progress.
  3. Q:  Do you offer the pet taxi service, too, on a last-minute basis?
    A:  Absolutely if we do if we possibly can.  It just depends on our schedule.  We do our very best to meet the needs of our clients and their fur-kids at all times!
  4. Q:  Do you charge more for last-minute requests or negate discounts normally offered because of the last-minute request?
    A:  Nope, we do not 🙂


As always, if you have any questions, don’t be shy!  Please let us know!

Quick Tip on Dog Beds for Big Dogs!

One thing you can try is buying a used futon mattress on Craigslist and then just cover it with a sheet.  Since we rapidly go through beds over here, and have large dogs to take care of, the futon mattresses work out well and you actually get TWO for the price of ONE!

Ikea sells them for under $100.

Craigslist may even have them cheaper!

We have used these beds in small dog, indoor, obstacle courses, as well as, just being loungers.

Big dogs welcome

Big dogs welcome


Quick Tip Idea for: Futon Mattresses

Need a cheap dog bed?  One thing you can try is buying a used futon mattress on Craigslist and then just cover it with a sheet or a futon mattress cover (either one works for keeping it clean).  Since we go through beds over here rapidly, the futon mattresses work out well and you actually get TWO for the price of ONE (once you cut the connecting piece of fabric between the two parts of the mattress).

A non-exhaustive list of things you can use these mattresses for, with regards to pets, is as follows:


  • “Steps” for a little dog gym:  a)  just the two pieces of the futon mattress will act as big steps for little breeds to jump and run along, or b)  cut one or both mattresses to create a pyramid for little dogs to exercise on
  • Actual dog beds (great for large breeds, too)
  • A transition tool.  Step 1: Place the mattresses next to couches for training your dogs to stay off of the furniture but still being able to be close to you.  Step 2: When they know the mattresses are their “beds”, you can then place the bed away from the furniture


So far, I think the most use from our futon mattresses has been from the little guys who love to jump and run across it while playing Fetch 😉  We haven’t made the pyramid idea yet but just having the two (pieces) is enough to embark on a world of fun and exercise adventure for the smaller breeds.

As always, please share your thoughts and ideas 🙂  We would love to hear them!

Christmas Coupons Discontinued

As of this year, we are no longer offering Christmas Coupons.  I know what you’re thinking, “Oh, they’re cutting back like everyone else seems to be.”  Well, the direct answer to this statement would be “yes” and “no”.  Let me explain….

For years, we offered Christmas Coupons at the end of each calendar year for anyone who was serviced by us that particular year.  The coupons would often be HUGE discounts (anywhere from 10 – 50% off of services, even a select number of FREE service days, too, depending on the volume that the client spent with us)!  The bottom line for us having to stop this particular program though is that our love for giving (being “overly generous” as we have been called) was hurting our bottom line; this is the cold, hard truth.

Our services are already at rock-bottom prices considering all that comes with a service (off-leash hikes, toys, treats, beds, no charge for medications or special diets, etc.) and we still offer our ongoing Facebook discount, which is 10% off boarding and daycare for those that “like” our page 🙂

Look for random acts of kindness throughout the year (deep discounts and free things just because) though as always 😉  We’re not stopping these!  We just absolutely LOVE what we do (the hardest part is charging a fee for something our hearts are so invested in but we have to) and Christmas should be felt all year long!

Here’s hoping your 2014 has been awesome so far!!

December Daycare Introductory Offer!

Are you checking out our daycare program and wondering if it’s a good fit for your pup?  Let us help you give us a try by offering you a 15% off introductory discount on your pup’s first day of daycare!

A few little notes:

  • All pups must meet the requirements listed on our Daycare page (if you’re unsure whether or not your pup meets all of the requirements, just contact us and let us know what your concerns are)
  • Some Fridays and Mondays can be excursion days when we head up to Truckee for some off-leash fun and adventure (at no-extra charge; not all pups will be off-leash)
  • The FREE Woodland Pet Shuttle service is not included with this offer
  • This discount is only for one household, one time, one dog only
  • This discount cannot be combined with other offers or discounts
  • When making your first reservation, please be sure to state the following discount code in order to grab the introductory offer:  DECDAYS
  • To enroll in our daycare program, you need to fill out the Boarding and Daycare Application
  • Offer is for new clients only


We look forward to meeting you and your pup!

[pullquote_right]If you have any questions about our daycare program, please feel free to contact us via our Facebook page, call/text at (530) 867-5727, email info@kypsah.com or fill out our contact form.[/pullquote_right]

We are thankful for…YOU!

Jessie and her family would like to wish you and your loved ones a very Happy Thanksgiving full of love, laughter, memory-making-moments and peace.

May God’s blessing and favor rest on your family this Thanksgiving Day.