Amazing Cat Litter with Litter Wizard--The One-Two Punch

Amazing Cat Litter with Litter Wizard–The One-Two Punch

It’s a been at least a few months since we’ve tried another cat litter; however,  it was time to find a new brand that would hopefully remove the smell of the litter box.  Nothing is worse than a stinky litter box!

The problem:  No matter how many times a day we cleaned our cat boxes, they would always stink (I have to say, we have some pretty stinky cats, too!).  Even with Arm & Hammer’s cat odor remover mixed in with our clumping litter of choice (World’s Best Cat Litter), the smell was still way too offensive!

It wasn’t hard for us to locate Amazing Cat Litter— as the cat litter brand in which to try.   We had been told by a friend that had tried Amazing Cat Litter, for her kittens, it was the best hands-down at removing litter box odor.  Her previous litter just wasn’t cutting it even though she kept her cat box continually cleaned.  Needless to say, the decision to go with Amazing Cat Litter,  for us, was an easy one.

At the same time we purchased Amazing Cat Litter, we also were given a sample of Litter Wizard from another friend of ours—that same day–to try and see if it worked (thanks, Corinna!).  (Litter Wizard claims to remove all ammonia odors!)

The Trial

To start, we completely cleaned out our cat boxes.  Then, the first product to go in was the Litter Wizard, which came with explicit instructions that were very easy to follow.  After we put in the Litter Wizard, in went the Amazing Cat Litter with more Litter Wizard on top of it (the litter).

Then for the big test:  Waiting for one of the cats to use the box!

I think the first thing we noticed right away was that when our cat was finished, there was no smell.  Okay, WEIRD but a definite blessing!

The interesting thing is that since we’ve been using this combo (I’d say for the past 45 days or so), our litter boxes are still unnoticeable!

Not only do the boxes not stink any longer, but there is hardly any litter tracked anywhere; it stays in the box (about 95% of the time).  This also has been a nice benefit of using Amazing Cat Litter!

The litter actually lasted about 27 days before we had to change it out completely, which isn’t bad for three cats.  And, the only thing we had to do was to keep the solid waste removed—simple—and we normally do that anyway.  The urine was actually absorbed in the silica gels, which are non-toxic and safe for the cats to use.

Because the Amazing Cat Litter is a gel, there isn’t any litter dust even with the Litter Wizard (powder) on top.  This is another huge plus for us because of allergies.

The Conclusion

We are definitely sticking with this combo (Amazing Cat Litter with Litter Wizard) from now on.  The cats like it, we like it and everyone is happy!

Note on the cost of the dynamic duo:  Since we haven’t purchased Litter Wizard yet, we don’t have a true cost—per month—of what this amazing combo of products will cost us.  However, it will be slightly more than what we were paying with Swheat Scoop or World’s Best Cat Litter due to the addition of also adding Litter Wizard into the fold.  Worth the extra cost though!

You can purchase Litter Wizard at Dixie’s Paws and Claws, which in downtown Woodland on Main Street.