Standing up for Wolves!

Standing up for Wolves!

As some of you may know, Jessie is a Board Member for Never Cry Wolf Rescue and Adoption (NCWR&A), and one of her passions is helping people understand wolf behavior, which is completely contrary to the well-known myth and folklore surrounding these majestic creatures.

Meet Timber.  He’s a Wolf Ambassador for NCWR&A.  He is very shy, a typical wolf trait.  He is also very loyal, loving, playful and sweet.  In this particular photo, volunteers were working on the grounds of NCWR&A painting, filling in “wolf holes” (this den of Timbers was left alone) and doing much-needed work around the facility.  Timber was terrified of them and the noise they were creating by filling in “wolf” holes, painting, etc. so he retreated to his den where he felt safe and secure.  Jessie had been vigil on the outside of the den trying to coax him out, letting him know that he was safe.  He eventually made it out of his hole but as soon as he heard a loud noise, he was in that den faster than you could blink your eyes!

Wolves are afraid of humans and yet they are being senselessly slaughtered daily in so many states.  There are wolf aerial shootings allowed  in states such as Idaho and Alaska; there are wolf hunters out there killing them for their skins; they are used for target practice by being captured in traps left to bleed slowly to death all the while in utter agony.  All of this is going on with no protection in sight unless they can be placed BACK on the Endangered Species List…a list they should’ve never been taken off of to begin with!

Humans are the ones to be afraid of!  The pride, the arrogance, the ignorance…a perfect concoction creating, within the human race, maleficent, contemptible individuals.

If you’re a wolf-lover stumbling upon this post, check out  They are doing their absolute BEST at keeping the public up-to-date with anti-wolf laws, as well as, the senseless slaughtering that is currently taking place in so many states under the guise of “protecting” the [public] and their interests.

Please raise your voice and take a stand for the wolves!

Thank you!