Cage-free Dog Daycare

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K.Y.P.S.A.H. Pet Services “Keeping Your Pet Safe and Happy!” thrives on keeping dogs well-balanced with exercise, discipline and affection which is our natural way of communicating relaxation, security and love to all dogs.
Nothing speaks love more adequately to pups than to speak their language to them.
KYPSAH’s cage-free daycare is pawesome for giving those dogs the added, constant attention they need at a flat-rate price that works for you!   How do we achieve this?  We keep our daily numbers low in order to make sure that your pup receives a lot of personal attention.

Whether you have a pup that has a lot of energy that needs to be drained, is older and needs extra attention, or if you have a pup that needs basic training and socialization, in a pack environment, our daycare program may be just the ticket!

* 24/7 Supervision
* Updates sent by text and/or Facebook
* Special diet and/or medications
* Great for dogs with Separation Anxiety
* Tons of exercise
* We provide everything from toys to treats
* Receive pictures and/or videos by text or Facebook
* Pack skills training and structure
* Taxi Service (please text us for rates!)


With our particular style of European dog daycare (cage-free pack daycare in our home), the requirements are much more rigid as opposed to traditional kennels.  Since the dogs are together all of the time openly, and not in a kennel environment, it’s important that they meet all of the following criteria…

* Housebroken
* Spayed/Neutered
* Up-to-date on vaccinations
* No guarding of objects, food or people
* Minimum of 30lb
* Likes cats
* Is comfortable meeting new dogs
* Not an excessive barker


There are many benefits you will receive with your pup in our care.  Just a few of them are listed below as follows…

* Tired pup at the end of the day
* Convenience
* Flexibility
* Cost-effective care
* Peace of mind
* Pack training


A host of benefits will befall your pup when he/she is engaged in our daycare program.   Regular attendees enjoy hearing our truck pull up to their house, and they also become very familiar with where their friends live.  It’s a wonderful experience watching them get very excited to know their buddy is being picked up and will be joining them Just a small list of perks for your pup are as follows…

* Exercise!
* New friends & fun!
* Security
* Structure
* Lots of Love
* Great for dogs that need a lot of love in a home environment


Monday through Friday 8 a.m. – 5 p.m.

* $35.00 per dog


We accept cash, check, Venmo (free) and PayPal (if you’re paying with PayPal, a 3.75% surcharge applies).
Fee for services is due, in full, at the start of service.