Pet Maintenance

Pet Maintenance

We all know about the need for maintenance, right?  There’s maintenance needed for your car, for your house, for any and all electronics and toys you own to even your own body!  So, while you’re getting everything checked out and on-track for this year, make sure to allot some time and energy into your pet’s maintenance needs.  Some suggestions that just may prove beneficial are the following:


  • Vaccinations–Make sure that your pet’s vaccinations are up-to-date.  If you board your dog, make sure that he/she is also getting their Bordatella vaccination.  Though it isn’t 100% effective, it is effective enough to prevent your dog from obtaining Kennel Cough, in most cases
  • Blood Work and Pet Scans–Oftentimes, life has a way of throwing curve balls at us when we least expect it and quite often, we’re found unprepared.  Add to your list of New Years’ Resolutions an item that will find you prepared should something unexpectedly show-up with regards to your pet’s health.  And, that is obtaining an annual exam complete with blood-work and possibly a scan or x-ray.  Why?  To create a baseline of what “normal” is for your pets so when your pet develops a possible serious condition or some pretty weird symptoms all of a sudden, your veterinarian will have a great comparison from which to draw from.  Hopefully, the information obtained when your pet was healthy could get your pet a faster, more efficient diagnosis and quicker peace of mind for you as well.  Consult with your veterinarian on what he/she recommends to establish a baseline or what normal is for your pet


Why?  Because age happens to us all 😉