November's Scoop On Cat Litter

November’s Scoop On Cat Litter

We ran an experiment this month on cat litter.

The two contenders:  Arm & Hammer’s Essentials and World’s Best Cat Litter.  We wanted to see just how well Arm & Hammer’s brand matched up to our favorite so far…World’s Best.

Arm & Hammer Essentials

World's Best Cat Litter


Price-wise, they appear to be the same.  And, both of them can be purchased at Raleys, which is awesome for convenience purposes!

Both of these brands are all-natural leaving no litter-dust while scooping and both will happily deny you the pleasure of having to sneeze yourself into a fresh box of Kleenex =/

As far as clumping action, we’re having to award World’s Best Cat Litter on this one.  A&H’s Essentials does well at clumping but just doesn’t make the grade when compared to World’s Best.  We love the way that World’s Best completely clumps everything together in a nice and neat little package while leaving the litter tray clean and dry.

On the task of masking the odor, we have to give this one to A&H’s Essentials.  This brand has a clean, pine-like scent to us, and we like it.  It did help control the awful stench that arises from the ‘box of doom’ much better than World’s Best.  However, if you have a kitten/cat that refuses to cover their ‘remains of the day’, neither helped much for this =/

Bottom line for us was based on performance, and World’s Best won the prize.

Winner: World’s Best Cat Litter