KYPSAH's March Edition of Paw Prints Points Newsletter

KYPSAH’s March Edition of Paw Prints Points Newsletter

Welcome to the March edition of our Paw Prints Points newsletter! Can you believe we’re into March now?! Jeez =/

Let us march into this month’s newsletter content where we’re a hopin’ that ye Lords and Ladies enjoy this month’s read (trying to speak like a leprechaun…not sure it’s working though).


During February, the month of love and courting, our merry band of felines was quite the joyous bunch to behold!  Most of their hilarious actions were caught on videos that we took for their owners; however, one kitty made her way into the world of still-shots that we turned into a video for you.  Therefore, we bring you Miss Positively Peachy Peaches in her online debut of “Cats Rule”.


We have posted videos on our website, as often as possible, on how we work with the animals that we care for.   Here are just a couple more videos to add to the mix.  One video is a demonstration of how a fearful dog can feel secure during a dog walk, and the other is a technique that deals with how to bond with kittens.

Dog Walking: Since we handle a lot of questions centered around fearful dogs and how to walk them, another short video was created to show you that just because a dog has fear, doesn’t mean it’s a bad dog or a dog that can’t feel secure on a walk.  There are several tools (collars, harnesses and the like) that you can use to walk a dog effectively but no matter what tool you use, it’s the YOU variable that is most important and often overlooked.  It’s how you project yourself as the Pack Leader that matters most.

Bonding with Kittens: When fostering or even pet sitting a litter of kittens, one way that we’ve found worked pretty well for our bonding with them was to simply take a small jar of Gerber (they really liked Chicken and Chicky Gravy) baby food and allow them to lick it off of our fingers.  (This technique works really well for very shy kitties as well.)

The first few times you do this,  as they’re licking the baby food off of your finger, don’t try and pet them.  Just let them be.  It can be hard to resist because kittens are so cute but we’ve found that if we allow them to come around on their own, the bond created will be a much stronger one.  Again, this is just our personal experience.

[Video 1 of Kitten Bonding]

[Video 2 of Kitten Bonding]


Always looking to make sure that we’re offering our friends the best service possible, we would like to know how we’re doing from the services that we offer to the way that we supply pet updates.  If you get the opportunity to do so, please let us know how we’re doing.  We would really appreciate it!


The Riggs have been involved as active volunteers for Never Cry Wolf Rescue &  Adoptions in their efforts to educate the public on true wolf behavior, dispelling the myths and legends that society is gravitating to and construing as fact instead of what it is–fiction.

Jessie frequently posts information about Never Cry’s efforts on KYPSAH’s site, as well as, information concerning the wolves affected by man’s laws, which are, subsequently, laws that are promoting these animals’  eventual and unwarranted demise.

Please feel free to follow The Riggs’ undertakings with Never Cry as they not only work to shed light on these magnificent animals but also work to fight legislation that is always trying to surface; legislation that would also affect many other dog breeds such as German Shepherds, Malamutes, Huskies and so many more who have lost their lives–and will continue to possibly lose their lives–because of being mislabeled as a “wolf” or “wolf-hybrid”.  You can also follow Never Cry’s efforts directly from their website and Facebook pages.