Important Service Change

Important Service Change

Saying Goodbye to the Service:  In-Home Visits

By:  Jessie Riggs, Owner

Jessie and "Miss Pretty"

Jessie and “Miss Pretty”

As of September 6, 2013, we will no longer be offering the service In-Home Visits.  KYPSAH will only be offering dog boarding and daycare and all that goes with these two services to include the pet-taxi service—starting October 1, 2013 (we are closed from September 6-30).

Because KYPSAH is a family-run business and does not have employees, changes had to be made to the services as family members are gearing up to move in different occupational directions and the ability to sustain a full-service pet sitting company–by myself–just isn’t doable =/

It is truly with a heavy heart (I will miss all of my foster fur-kids terribly!) that I had to come to this decision but it was the only decision I could make with regards to the future direction of KYPSAH.  Some would say hire out to Independent Contractors or take on employees so that you can “grow” but neither of these options works for me personally and I’ll tell you why:

  1. Independent Contractors (ICs) aren’t always reliable with the end result being the pet’s care suffering (this is not remotely acceptable to me).  Not all ICs are “bad” of course, but I’m not willing to go through the possible bad ones to get to the “good” ones.  You and your pets are far too important to me;
  2. KYPSAH is not a large enough company at this time to hire employees and take on the kind of overhead that expanding, to include employees, would entail;

Restructuring KYPSAH, there are many short and long-term plans that primarily center around dogs (we don’t offer cat boarding), so I’m excited about the changes coming!  We will continue to provide free, every other day, cat checks for those clients whose dogs are boarding with us 🙂  These checks are no greater than 15 minutes however.  If you’re planning on being gone for more than a week, we recommend contacting someone who can give them a full in-home visit time-wise as cats get lonely, too.

Towards the end of the summer, we will be contacting you to schedule a time to give back your key(s), remotes, etc.  If you would like us to drop it off sooner, that’s not a problem.  Just let us know.


A happy Ein 🙂

Jordan, a.k.a. “Jordie”, will be offering her time, if and when she has it available (among other things, she is planning on getting a full-time job and going to college next year), to take care of in-home visits for people.  She will be doing this on her own apart from KYPSAH.  Therefore, you will need to contact her directly if you would like to request her to perform in-home visits for you at (530) 386-0291 (call/text).

Roger will no longer be aiding with in-home visits after this summer, as his path in life is taking him down a different road.

We will greatly miss the pets we currently are taking care of and hope to see pictures of them from time to time!

As always, if you have any questions, I would be more than happy to help you!  Just ask 🙂