"Facility" Check No-Shows

“Facility” Check No-Shows

A question we often get is, “Can we come by to see your facility?”  Our answer is always “of course!”

One thing that we wanted to pointed out–just so that everyone knows where we stand on our scheduling policies–is this:  A repeat no-show is most likely an automatic “no” to servicing the person’s pet.  Now, we’re talking about someone who makes an appointment, for a second time, to come and meet us in order to see our home for the purpose of assessing whether or not they would like their dog to stay with us.  If both of their scheduled appointments weren’t kept combined with no contact from the person that they needed to reschedule, cancel, etc., we automatically deny them service (unless of course they had a legitimate reason for not being able to contact us such as a family emergency or something of that nature–both times).

Why are we so critical about this even though this isn’t a common occurrence?  Well, there are three reasons:

  • It’s been our experience that if someone (again, we’re referring to people who don’t show up without the courtesy of contacting us) is that absent-minded (some would also say “disrespectful”), they also were not exactly truthful with other things regarding their pet’s info that they should’ve been;
  • Secondly, we go out of our way–always–for our friends/clients and even potential clients.  Oftentimes, we really stretch ourselves scheduling an appointment to meet peoples schedule needs as best as possible.  In this situation, it’s our efforts that get ignored.  Do we think people do this intentionally?  No 🙂  It does get a little too frustrating though if someone does this twice in a row 😉  Think of the cliche’:  “Fool me once, shame on them.  Fool me twice, shame on me”.
  • Lastly, because Jessie needs to personally be there to answer specific questions–and because more often than not people want to meet her directly–she goes out of her way to make herself available for these particular appointments.


Some of you will wonder if we deny people a lot and the answer is “no”.  Again, this scenario rarely unfolds but has happened enough in the past eight years that we thought we would let you know where we stand on the issue 🙂