Exclusive European Style Boarding

Exclusive European Style Boarding

KYPSAH offers–and has offered–European style boarding since 2004.

What is European Dog Boarding

European style boarding is a cage-free style of boarding where the dogs live as a pack within our home.  In a nutshell, the dogs that partake in sleepovers become like our dogs and live with our family:  They sleep in the house with us just like our own dogs do.  This is the difference between us and a kennel:  There is 24/7 supervision around-the-clock and the dogs that stay with us are in a home—not a “home-like” environment.

Typical Day

A typical day at our home consists of waking up and letting the dogs outside to do their business first-thing.  Afterwards, we exercise them prior to eating breakfast (a dog that may have a medical condition will quite possibly be on his/her own routine where they have to eat first).

Play time

During the course of the day (before and after breakfast), the dogs get a lot of exercise that starts in the morning—weather-permitting.  There are structured leash walks (this means the dogs are not allowed to lead but follow a strict, disciplined walk), skate sessions (this is a good exercise for those that have an abundance of energy), group exercise play after the walk and skate sessions are done (this exercise is only for dogs that are up to playing and do not have physical conditions that prevent such exercise; dogs are also sized up to play with dogs of like-size) and breed exercises.

Among exercising them and throughout their stay with us, they are also rules and boundaries they must adhere to.  Consequently, we keep them burning psychological energy as well by issuing commands when needed, i.e., “out of the kitchen” as the kitchen is off-limits.

After all of the physical exercising, the dogs generally rest for a while and lounge around the rest of the day.

What We Provide

We provide everything:  Toys, treats, beds and all the love they can handle.  The only thing you need to provide is their food.  Homemade diets and medications are also taken care of at no additional charge; you just need to provide the food and we’ll cook it for them as per your instructions.

An Exclusive Style of Boarding

Our dog boarding style is rather exclusive as we only take in a select few on a nightly basis, and since this service is an informal service, it is offered to those people who feel that their pets need more than our other services can offer them.  Therefore, this service is solely for the benefit of the dogs to meet their unique, personal needs, as well as, their owners to give them peace of mind knowing that their dogs are getting the most attention possible.  With this being said, our informal dog boarding service books up very fast and especially around the Holidays.

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What Type of Dogs We Normally Keep

The types of dogs that really benefit from this style of boarding are as follows:

  • Dogs that are used to having people around them all day
  • Breeds that long for a lot of human interaction
  • Dogs that have health conditions, i.e., Diabetes, seizures that need to be monitored closely
  • Dog families that need to stay together

Important Notes

  1. We do not discriminate among breeds.  We accept all breeds provided the dog meet all of the criteria.
  2. All dogs from one family must meet the criteria—no exceptions.