DIY Dog Beds

DIY Dog Beds

If you’re like me, you have one to a few pups (or kitties for that matter) who love to sleep on comfy, cushy beds but that’s only AFTER they’ve pawed and kneaded it to their liking to make it that just-right bed they’re wanting at that moment.  All of that kneading and pawing, however, makes the beds wear out so much faster and dog beds are expensive!  The cheapest I have ever found was at Costco (maybe Big Lots, too, if they’re having a great sale on them at the time).  Costco’s beds at $20 a bed isn’t a bad price (especially for the large beds) but when you board dogs, you have a tendency to go through beds faster than the average dog owner =/  Because I am in no way a crafty, domestic diva, I was searching for DIY (do-it-yourself) version (preferably with no sewing involved) of making cheap dog beds.  And, I found it!  Woot hoot!

Most of us have some relatively tired pillows lying around the house.  Some of our pillows are so old that we oughta just give ‘em a name and adopt ‘em into the family by now BUT now there’s a way to save them and allow them to have one more usual application before they go into pillow heaven.

You can also have so much fun dressing them up, too, with photos of your fur-kids scanned on to the fleece (a little more expensive mind you but they would make cute Christmas gifts for your friends that have fur-kids)!  The types of bed and decorating ideas are endless as well.  You can create a dog bed for every season, waterproof interior lining (sewing is probably required here) for making waterproof beds, Holiday decorated beds with little balls toys tied into the fringe (cats would LOVE these!), etc.  There are so many possibilities!

Check out the following blog from The Undomesticated Wife  for a DIY dog bed that doesn’t require sewing!

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