Roscoe Riggs

4/9/13:  Update:  We lost our beloved “P” on March 20, 2013 to Lymphoma.  Though our hearts are broken, and his absence screams daily, we are moving forward training and loving pups just like he would want <3

Roscoe is the other pack supervisor for KYPSAH. He works with the pups as a translator much like Lanai does. Dogs learn much faster in a balanced pack setting, and Roscoe shares the role of pack supervisor with his sister, Lanai, helping to facilitate a balanced environment amongst the dogs–especially those who aren’t used to being part of a pack.

Lanai Riggs

Lanai is Jessie’s (doggy) right-hand who has trained all of the pups that have come into KYPSAH’s care since 2005, which was the year that she was rescued by the family. She, and her brother, Roscoe, are the pack supervisors.

Jessica Riggs – Owner

Jessica a.k.a. “Jessie” can most normally be found surrounded by dogs and/or cats at any given moment during the day. She is the dog’s Pack Leader, along with the other human members of the family, and dogs naturally gravitate to her.

She is the primary service provider, among many other things, that surround and comprise all things related to KYPSAH.

Jordan Riggs

Jordan, Jessie’s daughter, is a natural pet sitter. She–like Roger–has been brought up around animals her entire life. She is a calming force to dogs and cats, and because she, too, can interpret dogs’ needs, dogs are very relaxed and balanced around her.

Jordan operates in KYPSAH in a potpourri of ways, but more often than not, within the scope of the following services: In-Home Visits, Leashed Walks, Pack Skating, Pack watching and Off-Leash Hikes.

Watch for updates of how your pet is doing from Jordie via text and email!

Roger Riggs

Roger, Jessie’s son, is performs a variety of services such as: Leashed dog walks, off-leash dog walks, dog sitting, in-home visits, as well as, the facilitating of reservation requests.

Roger–having been raised around dogs his entire life–is a natural when it comes to interpreting the needs of dogs. And, the dogs are very comfortable around him even though he’s a big guy. However, cats especially love him!

Please look for updates from Roger when caring for your pets!