Christmas with the family is always special for those who can participate! They really enjoy checking out their stockings to make sure they didn’t receive any coal (wink).


Pituxa is such the love! Here, she’s waiting for me to hurry up with the picture so she can receive her massage.

Sir Manoel

Manoel enjoying the fresh air.

Chip and Dale

Dale: I get the box
Chip: Whatever.

Jessie and Misha

Having Misha, a.k.a. “The Sha”, is always a great deal of fun! The family is very close with her as we’ve taken care of her for many years. She’s just like one of our own.

Lao Tzu

Lao Tzu playing during an in-home visit for him.

Kit & Attie

Happy times with Kit & Attie

Pure Fun

Dogs have a great time exploring and it really drains them of their energy. They are ‘couch potatoes’ afterwards!

Love for…

…the little guys. Even the little guys participate in the off-leash adventures. They can often be found being held.

Larry and Marley

Marley loves her off-leash adventures especially when Uncle Larry joined in.