Oh to Fetch!

Oh to Fetch!

Most dogs love to play Fetch!

In the video attached to this post, we’re using Ein as an example because he is one little guy who loves to play Fetch. Therefore, since we know this is something that he is passionate about, we incorporate a little Fetch time during his daily walk, if we have the time in our schedule to do so.

When we play Fetch with Ein, the way that we play Fetch always works at reinforcing his commands and skill-set. So, in effect, he is getting drained mentally, physically and emotionally.

The way in which we go about draining his mental energy (so he isn’t frustrated or over-anxious) is by staying calm when we talk. It’s easy for people to get carried away and raise their voices when showing praise. In actuality, however, it only amps the already amped-up dog. Therefore, the dog’s energy can skyrocket and get out of control. When it does, an example of such behavior, would be incessant barking. And, if you throw the ball when the dog is barking, you are only reinforcing the behavior. Therefore, for the action of barking, your reaction would be for the dog to be quiet and still, which can take quite a while before they get to this state.

Not only do we keep our voices calm, we have him sit calmly before the ball is thrown. The moment he is sitting calm and doing what we ask him to do, the ball is thrown again.

This is a great way to exercise your dog mentally, physically and emotionally. And, they will love you for it 🙂