Apple Hill on Sundays: For the Love of Wolves

Apple Hill on Sundays: For the Love of Wolves

Big Bad Wolf Theory—Debunked

The Riggs family has a wonderful time every year participating at events held at Apple Hill in Camino, California for Never Cry Wolf Rescue and Adoption. We are always thrilled to see our KYPSAH friends during these events, too, who come out to support us–and the wolves!

Never Cry Wolf Rescue educates the public with respect to true wolf behavior, as well as, rescues them from shelters and often abusive situations, rehabilitates them and rehomes them to loving families.

Jessie Riggs and/or members of her family are on-hand at the events…as volunteers of Never Cry…answering questions posed while taking in the intoxicating aroma of the apple pies baking in the distance (you’ll probably see Jessie in the cage with the wolves, too). It’s so much fun! And, hanging with the pack is the “icing on the cake” for Jessie and her family

For more information on the rescue efforts of Never Cry Wolf Rescue, we encourage you to visit Never Cry online.

We, at KYPSAH, are proud to assist them in their ongoing, compassionate cause of rescuing these beloved animals…animals that are very close to our own hearts. Therefore, look for more media entries as we further assist Sam and the pack in the rescue adventures and education of the public with regards to wolf behavior.