Abby Hamilton - California

Abby Hamilton – California

“When my husband and I go off on a trip I can feel truly relaxed, knowing that Jessie will be taking care of our pets; she does indeed make the animals safe and happy and she is attentive to all the details. This summer, Jessie wasn’t available for the last two days of our trip schedule, so I hired a different petsitter to cover those two days. Thank goodness for Jessie! When she came to drop our key
off, she noticed that noone had been in the house since her last visit, so she phoned me. I failed to check my voicemail, so Jessie didn’t hear back from me. She went in to check on the animals, and found them distressed, hungry, and thirsty. My second petsitter had never showed up, and never notified me. If the animals had been neglected much longer, the results could have been tragic.
We learned two lessons: never hire a petsitter that you can’t completely trust .
Also, make sure during vacations to be checking your voice/ e-mail, in case something does go wrong.
We feel very fortunate to be able to use KYPSAH.”