Vacation: A Great Bonding Time

Vacation: A Great Bonding Time

If you’re planning a vacation (woot hoot!) either in, or traveling through the Yolo and Capay Valley in California, don’t forget to bring your pup with you!

We offer dog boarding for traveling pups (they need to meet the boarding requirements that is listed on our European Boarding and Daycare page) to include a pet taxi service.  With your pup staying with us, you can take in all of the sights that this valley and the surrounded valleys have to offer.  (Sorry, but we do not board kitties =/)

If you just need your pup to spend the day with us [Doggie Daycare], we offer just daycare, too 🙂

On the road!

Vacations are awesome when you take your fur-kids with you!  It can be a great time to bond even further with your pups with the memories you make together lasting a lifetime.   Our vacation that we took last year included our pups, and we had a fantastic time (this is especially memorable for us due to losing our beloved Roscoe on March 20)!  Even during traffic and construction, the dogs made it fun 😀  Everything was new for them and all they really cared about was being with us.  An interesting thing we discovered was the humans of our family, as well as, the canine members all shared one particular place that we noted as our favorite place during our trip:  A beautiful, quiet little beach where you could pick up the most gorgeous stones (they looked like jewels!).  After their first romp there, the next day we showed up, they knew EXACTLY where they were!  Their expressions of excitement when they realized where we were is still etched in our memory banks 🙂  So much fun!

If you need help planning your trip, just check out or other dog-friendly traveling sites.  It really does make traveling with your pets easier when you know where you can and cannot go with your pets, the extra charges you may incur for having pets along with you, etc.

[pullquote_right]Happy traveling![/pullquote_right]