Treadmill Tips for Use

Treadmill Tips for Use

By now, most dog owners have heard about the efficiency of owning a treadmill for their dog but we thought we would list a few reasons where a treadmill would definitely come in handy 😉

Okay, here is a list that we comprised where a treadmill could come in handy for your dog:

  • Before they go to see their doctor
  • Before going to daycare or boarding facility
  • When you can’t walk them
  • Extra exercise for high-energy or anxious pups
  • Before a party you’re hosting starts
  • To monitor limited, controlled exercise for pups with medical conditions
  • Before fireworks start on the 4th of July and New Year’s Eve (to name a couple of events)
  • To socialize your dog with another dog (both walking on their own treadmills in the same room and under supervision of course)

There are many treadmills to choose from treadmills designed solely for dogs to [human] treadmills that work, too.  The dog treadmills are designed for dog’s safety in mind so they’re definitely something to consider but if you can’t afford an expensive treadmill, you can pick up a used one on Craigslist and never leave your dog unattended when he/she is on the treadmill.

Remember to make the treadmill exercise a positive, fun experience for your dog.