Travel First Aid Tip for Dogs: Ear Infections and Foreign Bodies

Travel First Aid Tip for Dogs: Ear Infections and Foreign Bodies


We are placing a series of travel first aid tips for dogs on our website.  These tips were written for the “Canine Companion – Instructions & First-Aid Tips” that came with the Emergency First-Aid & Travel Kit for Dogs by Dr. Brooks Bloomfield of The Doctor’s Office for Pets located in Truckee, California, a well-known, highly-respected veterinarian with over 30 years of superbly practicing veterinary medicine on wildlife and domesticated animals.

There are so many times that we as pet owners long to have a great veterinarian’s advice on-hand 24/7 so that we’re not left with so many questions during stressful situations when something has happened to our beloved pup especially when traveling (doesn’t it always happen that these situations arise on weekends, too, when your veterinarian’s office is closed).

Basic Pet Care Animal Hospital

Basic Pet Care Animal Hospital

This travel first-aid tip deals with:  Ear Infections and Foreign Bodies.

“Ear infections and foreign bodies are common problems in our busy dogs. 

Dogs have a longer ear canal than us and it takes a bend that can make it impossible to visualize some foreign bodies. 

If your dog will let you, grasp the foreign material with tweezers being careful not to poke the sharp points into the ear itself.  Sometimes irrigating with a gentle ear cleaner can provide relief. The eyewash included in the kit can be used as an irrigating solution, and if infection is obvious in the outer ear, it can be treated with dilute povidone iodine solution made from the enclosed swabsticks, and applied up to three times daily. 

Any persistent head shaking, pawing at the ear or discharge should be evaluated promptly by your veterinarian.”

Note:  References to items or supplies noted in the above instructions were made in reference to the supplies that came in the Emergency First-Aid & Travel Kit for Dogs in conjunction with these instructions.

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