Having Your Dog as Your Gym Partner

Having Your Dog as Your Gym Partner

With California being currently in a “shelter in place” status, a lot of people are concerned about what to do with their dogs and how they’re going to stay in shape since their gyms are closed.  Well, we have you covered.  In this video, Jessie shows you just a few sample moves of how you can work out effectively WITH your dog (Clem often is watching her when she is performing workouts without him but he REALLY loves it when she lets him join in).

Looking on the positive side of life, look at this time as a great OPPORTUNITY to connect even deeper with your dog!  You can teach him/her new skills, incorporate him/her in your workouts (not just walks or running) and really take advantage of all of that time you have been wanting just to hang out at home.

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Stay safe and well, Folks!

Watch Funny Dogs Work Together

We’re creating a YouTube page for our website so that you can see us in motion!  Our YouTube channel boasts tasty treat recipes, dog training tips, some of the adventures we go in (KROMP) and so much more.

An example of our pups in action is in the video below.