Fuzzy, With Love

Fuzzy, With Love

Today brought about a series of challenges and ultimately heartbreak for our family as our beloved Fuzzy passed on to Rainbow Bridge.

All I can say is sometimes in life, life just happens fast!  This has been my personal experience my entire life…it is truly a journey where you typically find yourself on a roller coaster.  Some days, you’re racing along on the straightaway with your hair blowing in the wind, feeling the exhilaration from the sheer velocity in which you’re traveling.  Other days, you’re either climbing that mountain in life or descending rapidly down what looks like a sheer drop, screaming your head off all the way down!  Today, was one of those rapid descents that take you by surprise.

Fuzzy had been ill with what we thought was asthma with possibly some sinusitis and pneumonia built-in to the mix.  Time, medications and tests, over the past couple of months, didn’t reveal the malevolent villain until this morning when we rushed Fuzzy to the doctor’s office in respiratory distress.  The nasty condition which had kept itself hidden these past couple of months, raised its evil head in today’s findings:  Fuzzy had throat cancer, which was choking off his airway.  And, because the mass was very large and pronounced, as well as, Fuzzy’s respiratory problems as a direct result of this mass, it was inoperable.

Ironically, a recent article that we published in our newsletter on how to know when to say good-bye, came once again to fruition for our family.

If there was a silver lining in today’s series of events, the linings (yes, plural) would be as follows:


  • Fuzzy was able to pass peacefully via euthanasia
  • Yolo Veterinary Clinic was absolutely fantastic at taking us in literally at a moment’s notice! Thank you so very much, Dr. Franz!!
  • We prayed that Jesus would reveal if it was time to let him go or not. And, an hour and a half later, the call from Dr. Franz came in. Our prayer was answered; we knew we had to let him go. It wasn’t the answer of course we longed for, but we, as believers in Jesus Christ, know that He didn’t come to get us out of our problems but rather to get in them with us and carry us through. And, He did–yet again! Thank You, Jesus!
  • Though our hearts are broken, there’s a peace that is palpable at the moment with knowing that he is no longer suffering.
  • Lastly, we were there kissing, talking to, and petting Fuzzy as he gently passed away out of care. He left us knowing that he was special–he was loved–and, he will be missed every day that dawns on us a new sunrise.

Fairly soon, I’m sure we’ll drop on by Rainbow Bridge to pay a visit and leave a memorial to Fuzzy. However, this is his memorial here at this very moment, on this very page.


In a unanimous voice we say, “I love you!” and thank you for your companionship these past 11-years.  God graced us with the privilege of being able to take care of you and call you our “fur-kid”, and that–you truly were.  Delight in all the beauty that now surrounds you forevermore.  We will look for you one day…


Mom, Dad, Larry, Jessie, Rog, Jordie, Tabby and Maggie and so many more!