Wolves at Apple Hill

Wolves at Apple Hill

Starting Saturday, the 10th of September, you will be able to see members of Never Cry Wolf Rescue and Adoption’s wolf-pack members.  They will be back at Apple Hill kicking off this year’s Autumn season full of fun and howls.

Jessie Riggs, owner of KYPSAH Pet Services, is an active member of Never Cry Wolf Rescue and Adoptions and takes great pride in helping other members and/or volunteers of NCWR&A educate the public about the true nature of the wolf with intent to dispel the myths and legends that has aided in the noted generational paranoia of these truly remarkable creatures.

As a token of our gratitude, for those who give an in-person monetary donation to help support the wolves and efforts of NCWR&A, we are giving those people 15% off pet services (offer expires on May 31, 2012)!  At the time of your donation, please ask for a donation receipt which will be necessary to show in order to claim this discount/offer.  Offer Restrictions: Of course, this offer is not valid with other current offers and discounts we have and is only valid for areas within our service coverage area.  One offer per person and/or household as well.

Turning the Tide

Come out and see Jessie, the wolves and other members of NCWR&A at Apple Hill starting tomorrow!  And, yes!  You can even pet the wolves for a $20.00 tax-deductible donation.  Woot hoot!

For more information about Never Cry Wolf Rescue and Adoptions, please visit their website at www.nevercrywolfrescue.org.

We’re Baaack–from Vacation!

We had a great week off just spending time as a family and unplugging for a while.  It was a much-needed break and now we’re ready to tackle your pet-sitting needs and see all of our “foster” fur-kids (a term we use to denote the special pets we have the opportunity of taking care of).

During our family’s vacation, among a few other things, Jordie and Jessie went to help Sam Blake of Never Cry Wolf Rescue and Adoptions with the wolves.  We thought you might like to see a couple of pictures along with a video, so check them out below.

Jordie with Ambassador Timber


Ambassador Timber


Running With The Pack at Never Cry Wolf Rescue & Adoptions

Working with Never Cry Wolf Rescue & Adoptions (NCWR&A) is nothing short of a passion that Jessie and her family hold dear to their heart as wolves have played an integral role in their family for nearly 20 years.

With the misconceptions of these beautiful creatures spreading like a wildfire throughout the generations, our work at NCWR&A is never done.  We work harder than ever to promote wolf behavior education to any and all who will listen and one thing that we’ve noticed is:  All the kids love the wolves despite their parents lingering back with age-old adages and myths fueling their ever-present fears and doubts concerning these animals.  Kids, on the other hand, are innocent and fearless.  And, they have a unique way of not being filled with useless mental clutter which affords them the grace and compassion to see and understand nature as it should be seen and understood.


If you, and/or your child have always wanted to know more about these magnificent animals, you can request NCWR&A to perform a Wolf Education Program at your local school or library.  The wolf pack attends with Sam Blake and other volunteers of NCWR&A to perform the program.  You may ask, “Why do the wolves attend?”  Well, they are their own best advocates–and the best teachers!

For more information about NCWR&A, you can catch them on their website (new site will be launched soon!) or on their Facebook page.

If you have any wolf-related questions, just ask Jessie.  She would be happy to help you!

Rog and Jessie at Apple Hill with NCWR&A

Lunch break for Rog, Jessie and Timber at a NCWR&A Event

Great Day at NCWR

A great day was had at Never Cry Wolf Rescue yesterday. Americorp was on-site helping with maintenance projects including painting the totem pole. It was such an awesome day!

Jessie and Jordan had the task of just playing with the wolves. Such a hard job but someone had to do it 😉 All joking aside, hanging out with the fur-kids was such a blessing–as always.

jordan and kenny

jessie with Kenny and Duke

Roger helped other volunteers, as well as, Americorp with yard duties.

Roger helping at Never Cry Wolf

This all…for the love of wolves.

For more information about Never Cry, please visit their website at Never Cry Wolf Rescue or catch them on their Facebook page.