Price Changes!

Price Changes!

Well, we’re here, folks! That dreaded time that we have been holding off on for a very LONG time: the raising of our prices. We held off as long as we could but just can’t hold off any longer. With expenses going up, we have no choice but to go up, too.

So, here are the NEW prices!

  • $35 a day per dog
  • $61.25 for a 2-dog family
  • $87.50 for a 3-dog family
  • $113.75 for a 4-dog family

Note: The Facebook 10% discount doesn’t apply to the multi-dog family rates as these rates are already discounted (and more than 10%!).

  • $40 per night per dog

Note: There is no multi-dog discount for boarding

  • $40 per dog

Note: There is NO price change to this service!

  • Still FREE for the Woodland-area!
  • Davis: $10 (one trip per day, eg, pick-up or drop-off) or $20 (two trips per day, eg, pick-up in the morning and drop-off at the end of the day)
  • Outside Woodland and Davis, call/text for rates!
  • The Facebook discount still applies to boarding and daycare but not KROMP or the Taxi service.
PayPal Surcharge
  • It’s still 3% … no change here.

The price changes go into effect on MONDAY, FEBRUARY 5, 2018.

We still think that our services are a good value (even with the price increase) and we hope that you do, too!

If you have any questions for us, just let us know!

BIG Mid-October Discounts!

10.4.13 639

It’s the time of year to smell the aroma of homemade apple pies baking in the oven, to hear the crunching sound of crisp, Autumn leaves disintegrating under foot and–to watch pups play in the cool air.

KYPSAH is offering dog daycare and boarding specials for the month of October–a perfect opportunity for you to grab some “me time” and get organized for the upcoming Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays!

These specials are good for new and existing clients (we prefer to call clients “friends” but we’re using the word clients so you know this means YOU, too).  The special prices also boast all of the extra goodies…what our friends have also come to also love about our service…to include, but isn’t limited, too:   Free picture or video updates via text or email, free extra pictures, if any, sent to you via Shutterfly, no additional costs for special diets, all treats and beds we provide and even special off-leash excursions weather and other variables permitting.

Offer Details

10.4.13 680

Service:  Daycare

Special Discount:  20% Off

Discount Code:  daycareOCT2013

Valid dates:  10/14 – 10/30, Mondays through Fridays only, 8 a.m. – 5 p.m.


Rules and restrictions:  This offer is for one dog only.  This offer does not apply to multi-dog families, which are already discounted.  This offer cannot be combined with other offers, discounts or promotions.  Must state discount code at time of reservation in order to obtain discount.  Please see the Daycare service page for pup requirements.  All qualified candidates must fill out and submit electronically, the Boarding and Daycare Application.



Service:  Boarding

Special Discount:  20% Off

Discount Code:  boardingOCT2013

Valid dates:  10/14 – 10/30


Rules and restrictions:  For nights 10/14 – 10/30.  This offer is for one dog only.  This offer does not apply to multi-dog families, which are already discounted.  This offer cannot be combined with other offers, discounts or promotions.  Must state discount code at time of reservation in order to obtain discount.  Please see the Boarding service page for pup requirements.  All qualified candidates must fill out and submit electronically, the Boarding and Daycare Application.

[pullquote_left]Space is limited so get your reservations in now![/pullquote_left]

Web Forms Are Up!

We are very excited to let everyone know that our online web forms are now up and running under both sections entitled “New Clients” and “Existing Clients”!  As a scheduling convenience to all, we’re hoping that this process saves you some time–and paper 🙂

The scheduling process is very simple!  If you’re a new client and would like to schedule your pet’s first service with us, click on “New Clients” to fill out the appropriate agreement form.  For example, if you would like us to service your pets at your home, then you would fill out the In-Home Service Agreement form in conjunction with the New Service Request form.

If you’re needing us to customize a service for your pets based on the services we offer, let us know what you need.  On the New Service Request form, there is a section where you will be able to state that you are needing a customized service for your pet(s).  There is also a place, on that form, to define what you’re looking for service-wise (what your pet(s)’ needs are).

Existing Clients, the forms will help you help us keep your pet’s records and care regimen up-t0-date and current.  We hope you like them!

Just a quick note that the policy section of the forms is not included in the agreement forms because at this time, the ability to digitally sign them isn’t an option (in the near future it should be however).  Therefore, we will email you the policy section of the forms in PDF format, which you’ll need to print and sign.


2013 Schedule of Dates Posting Soon

The past couple of years, it’s become a practice to publish the following year’s list of “closed” dates ahead of schedule so that our clients can see our schedule, at least as far as the dates we’ll be closed.  Of course, for the times and dates where we fill up on specific dates/days, this information is usually posted on our Facebook page, along with most of our daily blogs and fun pictures.

When we get the dates figured out of when we’ll be closed, we’ll post them up in the slide show area so they will be easily accessible for you, for your pet-planning needs.

If you’re new to KYPSAH, you may be wondering why we’ll be closed in the first place.  The answer to this question is that since we’re a family-run business, and operate a 24/7 schedule (the hours we are “on-duty” between all of the services offered), we have to schedule close dates in order to get a much-needed rest from time to time as individuals and as a family unit.

If you have any questions about this topic or any others, please don’t hesitate to contact us at  We would be more than happy to answer any questions you may have.

Free Pet Taxi Service

We do offer free Pet Taxi service to those dogs that are staying with us.  Common places that we meet are:

  • Pedrick Produce (a good place for those who are traveling up and down I-80)
  • Areas by the Sacramento International Airport
  • Natomas area (by Walmart on Truxel)


We also travel clear up to Truckee to pick-up dogs that are staying with us who live in the Truckee/Reno areas.  Pick-ups and drop-offs to and from Truckee cost $50.00.  Therefore, for example, if you live in Truckee and need your pup picked up from Truckee and dropped back off to Truckee after their stay with us is completed, your total Pet Taxi charge would be $100.00.

As far as traveling in severe weather to and from Truckee, it’s no worries.  We do it every year and are rigged for the snow 🙂

It’s the Little Things

It’s the little things that  make the biggest difference sometimes.   We find this way of thinking to be especially true when it comes to working hard at not transferring germs from household to household when we’re out performing pet services.

Anti-bacterial Gel From Bath and Body Works

When we’re pet sitting, we’re always careful about using anti-bacterial gel in between houses that we visit.  Our favorite  supplier of anti-bac gel is Bath and Body Works.

Bath and Body Works makes using anti-bac gel fun and invigorating because of all the different scents that they have to  choose from.  And, it’s always fun to check out their new scents (the animals actually enjoy smelling them, too) 🙂

Jessie, Roger and Jordan all seem to love the scent “Island Margarita”.  Larry is the only exception who really doesn’t  care if the gel smells like plastic as long as it gets the job done 😉

It’s no secret of the importance that cleanliness plays in dealing with pets especially when you’re traveling from one place to another; different pets in different houses are often exposed to different things. For example, some pets frequent the dog parks whether others aren’t allowed to go for a variety of reasons.  Realizing this, we do our best to always respect our clients and their pets (we call them our “foster fur-kids) even in the smallest of details.

Now, does sanitizing your hands keep germs from spreading entirely?  No, because viruses such as Kennel Cough can find refuge and safe harbor on the fabric of the clothes you wear (especially your shoes).  So, though we don’t know what viruses are floating around, in everyones’ houses, or keep track of where all of our clients go with their pets, we do our part by at least making sure to sanitize our hands between pet visits in an effort to always keep your pets safe and happy.