Important Service Change

Important Service Change

Saying Goodbye to the Service:  In-Home Visits

By:  Jessie Riggs, Owner

Jessie and "Miss Pretty"

Jessie and “Miss Pretty”

As of September 6, 2013, we will no longer be offering the service In-Home Visits.  KYPSAH will only be offering dog boarding and daycare and all that goes with these two services to include the pet-taxi service—starting October 1, 2013 (we are closed from September 6-30).

Because KYPSAH is a family-run business and does not have employees, changes had to be made to the services as family members are gearing up to move in different occupational directions and the ability to sustain a full-service pet sitting company–by myself–just isn’t doable =/

It is truly with a heavy heart (I will miss all of my foster fur-kids terribly!) that I had to come to this decision but it was the only decision I could make with regards to the future direction of KYPSAH.  Some would say hire out to Independent Contractors or take on employees so that you can “grow” but neither of these options works for me personally and I’ll tell you why:

  1. Independent Contractors (ICs) aren’t always reliable with the end result being the pet’s care suffering (this is not remotely acceptable to me).  Not all ICs are “bad” of course, but I’m not willing to go through the possible bad ones to get to the “good” ones.  You and your pets are far too important to me;
  2. KYPSAH is not a large enough company at this time to hire employees and take on the kind of overhead that expanding, to include employees, would entail;

Restructuring KYPSAH, there are many short and long-term plans that primarily center around dogs (we don’t offer cat boarding), so I’m excited about the changes coming!  We will continue to provide free, every other day, cat checks for those clients whose dogs are boarding with us 🙂  These checks are no greater than 15 minutes however.  If you’re planning on being gone for more than a week, we recommend contacting someone who can give them a full in-home visit time-wise as cats get lonely, too.

Towards the end of the summer, we will be contacting you to schedule a time to give back your key(s), remotes, etc.  If you would like us to drop it off sooner, that’s not a problem.  Just let us know.


A happy Ein 🙂

Jordan, a.k.a. “Jordie”, will be offering her time, if and when she has it available (among other things, she is planning on getting a full-time job and going to college next year), to take care of in-home visits for people.  She will be doing this on her own apart from KYPSAH.  Therefore, you will need to contact her directly if you would like to request her to perform in-home visits for you at (530) 386-0291 (call/text).

Roger will no longer be aiding with in-home visits after this summer, as his path in life is taking him down a different road.

We will greatly miss the pets we currently are taking care of and hope to see pictures of them from time to time!

As always, if you have any questions, I would be more than happy to help you!  Just ask 🙂

KYPSAH Paw Prints Points: June Newsletter

Welcome to our June edition of the Paw Prints Points!  We hope you like it and find it useful.


Dogs on Stage


Funny Felines

Cats in Style


When To Let Go

As pet owners, we are faced with making decisions, on behalf of our beloved companions, each and every day.  And, most days, the decisions are fairly innocuous save for one:  Making the call to let your pet gently pass-on from your loving care.  Having to say goodbye is never an easy thing to do.  We want our beloved companions to be with us—forever.  The sad thing is: They can’t.

Determining the right time to let your pet go is always tough because every pet is different.  Not only is the bond that we share with different pets unique but so are the circumstances surrounding their care.  This decision is usually fraught with heartache, guilt—and anger.  So, what can we do to make this process a little easier?  We thought love and hard about this, as we too have been in this situation quite a few times over the years, and we came up with some general suggestions.

  • Remove the guilt.  Remind yourself that you’re doing the best you can for your pets.  It’s easy to fall under the spell of a guilt-ridden conscience constantly looking back, asking yourself ‘why” and over-analyzing every move you’ve made and have made.  Don’t go there.  Tell yourself out loud that you’re doing everything you can based on the information you’ve received to make the best decision possible.
  • Obtain medical advice.  Chances are, at this stage, you’re probably already working with your veterinarian on caring for your pet.  However, draw down deep within yourself for the courage to ask the tough questions and make sure to write the answers down (if your veterinarian will allow you to email him/her, ask the questions in writing so that you can have the answers in writing as well).  Answers to your questions will give you an outline of what to expect, which will consequently give you the confidence you will need to be certain that you’ve made the right call at the right time.


Some questions we have found ourselves asking are as follows:

  • 1.  What signs should I look for that will tell me ‘it’s time’?
  • 2.  I want to be there for my pet to hold him/her.  Is this okay with you?
  • 3.  What signs do I look for that let me know my pet is in pain?
  • 4.  Is there any other treatment that will afford my pet a longer yet pain-free stay with us?



  • Know ahead of time the final course of action.  Determine if you want your pet buried or cremated and have this decision made-up prior to the final day.  If you can, and death is imminent, ask if you can pre-pay for the burial or cremation ahead of time.  This will be one painful thing you won’t be faced with or have to think about it when the day comes.  It will be done so that you can move into the grieving stage as easy as possible.
  • Keep your friends and family close.  Friends and family are wonderful to lean on in times of great distress and heartache.  When the time comes, see if your friends or designated family members can be there with you for support.  You would be surprised at how helpful and advantageous it can be to have that shoulder to cry on.
  • Don’t rush into a new love.  For some, the need to “replace” the friend they recently lost can be quite alluring.  While this has proven to help some people, it doesn’t help others.  Just a word of caution to make sure that the timing is personally right for your heart to accept another lifelong companion into your world.  Don’t rush into it because the next companion you get will probably be as different as night and day from your lost, beloved companion. If you get another one right away, please try not to compare him/her to your past baby.  Just accept the beauty—and quirks—that make-up your new fur-kid and watch your heart mend and grow.


Holiday Scheduling

We have been accepting reservations for pet services, for dates encompassing and surrounding the 4th of July, the past couple of weeks.  And, we still have a few openings left for most services.  If you are planning on traveling around the 4th, please don’t forget to make your pet’s reservations soon.

Summer Heat

For dog-related services during summer, services that require outdoor exercise (walking and skate sessions) will be done by 10 a.m. at the absolute latest due to the extreme heat.  For those clients who need a mid-day potty-break, this will be achieved in a grassy-area so as not to burn the dog’s pad.  Evening visits that require dog walking will revert to play in an outside, grassy yard if applicable.  The pavement is much too hot to walk the dogs in weather that is 95 degrees and hotter.  Dog pads can burn rather easily.

June Birthdays

To all you fur-kids out there who have a birthday in June, we would like to wish you a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! Woot hoot!  Try not to eat too much cake…hehe.  XOXO

Paw Prints Points for May – Newsletter

We welcome you to this month’s edition of our Paw Prints Points newsletter!

The blossoming of souls,
Is yet to be found,
Just around the corner.

Lap time for Chessa

Welcome Aboard!

Welcome posts to newcomers are being placed on the website as of late April.  We’re always thrilled at KYPSAH to meet new pets, and always thankful for the opportunity to care for them. Hence, we decided to create little welcome messages to all of our new clients as they come along.

So, if you’re new to KYPSAH, with warm regards we thank you for choosing us as your pet sitters!

Christmas Coupons

So far, quite a few people this year have redeemed their 2010 Christmas Coupons, and what a blessing it has been being able to pass on a special savings to our clients 🙂  For those of you who have redeemed your coupon … woot hoot!  We hope that you enjoyed the extra savings it provided.

If you haven’t redeemed your Christmas Coupon, no worries!  They expire on 12/31/11 so you still have some time to use them.

For those of you who were serviced last year but don’t remember receiving a Christmas Coupon, get in touch with Jessie Riggs 🙂  She would love to help you!

A Service Elimination

Samantha and Jessie: Beautiful Souls

Not all services are equal demand-wise and the service that was called “Overnights” which dealt in house-sitting, was one of those services for us.

Since the other services we offer far surpassed Overnights in demand, it became increasingly difficult to find someone in the family who could perform the service when the rare request would come in.  Therefore, the decision to discontinue the service was made.

We apologize if the discontinuance of this service upsets any of our clientele and we hope that you understand.  As always, however, you can always customize a service that tailors your pet’s needs based on the current services we offer.

Click to view the official service discontinuation notice.

It’s The Little Things

Anti-bacterial Gel From Bath and Body Works

Sometimes it’s the little things in life that make the most difference.

A small gesture that can equate to something big is the simple measure of just sanitizing our hands between pet services.   This small feat is one big way that we at KYPSAH express care and concern for our clients and their pets.


Tap It Merchant Program

Tap It Merchant Program

Jessie is always working at brainstorming various ways at bringing more discounts, and venues that provide discounts, to as many people as possible.

In these difficult economic times, it can be very challenging for pet owners to be able to afford much-needed pet care. Since Jessie doesn’t want the pets to suffer, nor her clients’ pocketbooks, she came up with a merchant program where merchants can hook-up together in order to provide employees with discounts on services from a multitude of companies nationwide. Her hope is that the program takes off…please pray that it does, if it’s His Will.

Dog Training

Quite a few people have asked Jessie if she does professional dog training. The answer is no, she doesn’t. She always makes it a point to work with any dog that she’s in charge of despite the service because that’s just who she is. Whether the dogs are highly-trained or under-trained, her particular forte is creating a sense of balance with them while they’re in her presence.

She has expressed extreme appreciation at the confidence, which many people have placed in her ability to relate to dogs, over the years. Consequently, though she gave dog training serious consideration as to making it an official service, she decided not to do so mostly due to the fact that–at least as of currently–it isn’t a direction she wants to go in. She hasn’t ruled it out though, as far as, offering it as a service down-the-road (when her resources are at a level to facilitate such a service with regards to the high degree of professionalism that she would insist on giving everybody).

As per Jessie herself, if you need some in-person help or just questions answered via email, she will be more than happy to help you.

Note: Please check the site from time-to-time because Jessie has quite a few how-to videos in the wings for showing you how she works with the dogs that are in her care.

Kool K9s

Walk Like an Egyptian


Dancing is no problem here for Wrigley who could start her own dancing show for dogs: Dancing Dog-to-Dog. In this picture, she was rather fond of doing her rendition of “Walk Like an Egyptian”. At least, this is the song we immediately  thought of when the picture was taken…LOL

Funny Felines

Singing "Three Blind Mice"

This was our cat image of the month. Why? Because we can just hear the excitement and expectation coming from Peaches while imagining her singing “Three Blind Mice”. At least, she hopes three blind mice cross her path some day 😉 “O-o-o-o-h … three blind mice…”

KYPSAH’s Paw Prints Points

February 2011 Edition

“Welcome To Our New Site!”

Well, we finally did it! We launched our new website just a couple of weeks ago, and we’re pretty okay with it. Is it finished? Nope. There are some things that we still need to do/add to it. However, it is functional and works well with mobile media! So, you should be able to view it from your mobile browser now–woohoo!

The other great thing about our new site is that YOU can leave comments just like on a blog site! We hope that you like the interactivity with us, and others, that this little option now provides.

Other items to mention regarding our new site are as follows:

  • We are now beginning to place how-to videos up on the site in order to show you how we work with dogs (and cats)
  • Fresh pictures are being added–and often
  • Articles and blogs are being posted
  • Common pet-related questions are being answered
  • Flowing testimonials that also our clients to have their business link listed for reciprocal marketing benefits (a ‘Thank You’ with a “Thank You”)


So, enjoy!

“February: Love in Bloom”

February is a great month that seems to resonate itself each and every day on the wings of a love song. Incorporated within the daily song of love, is the love that we receive from our precious fur-kids. They remind us that every day is a new day full of unconditional love and support from them and is also to be treated as a “gift”.

If you’re needing pet care on or around Valentine’s Day or President’s Day, please make sure to get your reservations in quickly.

“To Bark or Not To Bark”

No one likes it when dogs perpetually bark at what seems like nothing–and constantly. So, what to do?

Well, dogs bark for a variety of reasons. There are warning barks, intruder barks, anxious barks, barking during playtime, establishing domain barks, begging barks and all sorts of other barks…some good and some bad. Consequently, not all barking is “bad”.

For the problematic, non-stop barkers who bark at what seems like for and at nothing, these are the ones that can easily get underneath a person’s skin. And, they can also wreak havoc for you especially when you find yourself in hot water with your neighbors, and quite possibly, Animal Control =/ This type of barking can quite often be the result of a dog whom hasn’t had enough exercise. A dog that hasn’t had enough exercise is an easy-fix, too!

Since there are all different sorts of barks, take some time to analyze what it is that your dog is trying to tell you. Look at their posture because they speak volumes using their body language (this is a different article in and of itself).

For this article, we’re concentrating on the dogs that are barking without cause. You know, the guys who are running in circles chasing their tails, barking incessantly. They’re barking without cause, or so we deem. Here are a few suggestions to curb the barking:

  • Exercise Your Dog. This is tough to do on very busy days, days when you don’t feel well or bad weather days. As often as you can though, and preferably daily, you need to at least walk your dog for a minimum of 30-minutes once-a-day (twice-a-day if he/she is out in the backyard all day while you’re at work; relieving their stress before you go to work and after you get home). The catch to this is you need to ascertain your dog’s energy level and meet the needs of your dog based on their energy level. If your dog is a high or very high energy (an indicator if your dog is one of these types is they will often run between Point A and Point B and not walk), more often than not, you will need to run them. A good bike or skate session works wonders for these types!
  • Breed Exercise. When you’re done walking or running your dog, afterward incorporate about 20-minutes of his/her favorite game designed with their breed in mind. For example, if your dog is a retriever, play about 20-minutes of Fetch with him/her after their run.
    Note: Stating the obvious, make sure to give them a water break after the run and before you start the breed exercise. High energy or not, they need water and a small break before starting up another rigorous exercise routine.
  • Who’s The Boss? If your dog feels like he/she is the boss and not you, the barking will be out of control for sure. Therefore, make sure that you are asserting yourself as his/her calm and assertive Pack Leader. Think of yourself as your dog’s EMT, if this helps. As an example, during an emergency, the qualities that we look for in an emergency responder that give us a sense of assurance that everything is going to be okay are: Patience, self-control, intelligence, a calm voice, and a firm understanding of what’s going on and what needs to be done.
  • Seek a Vet. Believe it or not, dogs have chemical imbalances, too. For example, dogs that suffer from seizures or Epilepsy can bark repeatedly during their seizures. So, size-up if your dog has anything physiologically wrong with him/her by consulting with your veterinarian.
  • Seek a Dog Behaviorist or Trainer. Sometimes it is easier to have hands-on help with behavior issues. Assuming of course that a physiological conditional has been ruled-out, seek a Dog Behaviorist or a Dog Trainer to help you and your dog find the path to peace.


Now, all dogs have issues even for those of us that work with them on a constant-basis. So, you’re not alone 🙂

[pullquote_left]Remember, that the worst thing you can do to correct your dog’s bad behavior, is to do nothing at all. [/pullquote_left]