New Service Hours in Effect During Shelter-in-Place

New Service Hours in Effect During Shelter-in-Place

We have a new service schedule during the Shelter-in-Place order.  We will only be open for Daycare Tuesdays through Thursdays.

Boarding reservations made before March 27th, for March and April dates, will be honored.  Otherwise, new boarding reservations will be on a case-by-case basis giving priority to medical and first responders, as well as, people who are critically ill that need care for their pets while they are in the hospital.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us at (530) 867-5727 (call or text).  We would be happy to address any concerns you have!

Be safe and well, folks!

2019 Closed Dates – Mark Your Calendars!

Hi Everyone!

It’s that time of year again where we post what days we’ll be closed so that you can mark your calendars and plan in advance 🙂  On that note, we are receiving a lot of requests to make reservations MONTHS in advance!

We’ll be accepting reservations up through Monday, April 29, 2019, as of December 1st; on March 30, 2019, we’ll be opening up our calendar to accept summer reservations up through September 5; and on August 31, 2019, we’ll be accepting Holiday reservations.

Here are the list of dates that we’ll be closed:

  • January 4-7
  • February 22-24
  • March 22-24
  • April 12-14
  • May 17-19
  • September 6-October 6


Let Freedom Ring!

You may be out celebrating America’s Independence Day over the course of the whole weekend and why not?  This is a very special time for Americans…a very special birthday and one that we should celebrate.

Freedom isn’t free.  For every day that we wake up in our beautiful country with the rights and freedoms that our forefathers suffered and died to give us, we should weigh in on just what we hold in our hands…just what freedom means.  Through their blood, sweat, tears and under God’s authority, we are a free country; we are a unique nation that still has many worldwide citizens wanting the opportunity to call America home.  Freedom…such a powerful word.

Just love

Just love

As our family celebrates the 4th, we will be doing so with fur-kids that will be our guests 🙂  If you’re needing to travel over this wonderful holiday and need care for your pup, we would love to take care of your pup for you!  Check out what we offer under our Services page (requirements, pricing and so forth are also listed on the pages).

May the supreme freedom we have in Christ Jesus find you well, happy and blessed this 4th of July!

*beautiful cards such as the one on our slideshow can be found at*

Wishing you and yours a very Merry Christmas!

Wishing you and your family a very Merry Christmas this year as we celebrate the birth of our Lord and Savior, Christ Jesus.  May our Lord surround you in love and laughter where your heart is bursting with inexpressible, unbelievable joy!   And, may His peace reside in your home as we celebrate the reality of His birth and the expectant hope of His return.

We are thankful for you and the opportunity to care for your fur-kid(s) throughout the year.  It is truly an honor and nothing short of a privilege that we hold dear to our hearts.

Merry Christmas!

The Riggs Family:  Larry, Jessie, Roger, Jordie, Lanai, Boe, Rhett Butler and Sable

Luke 2:10-11  11 For to you is born this day in the town of David a Savior, Who is Christ the Lord!  12 And this will be a sign for you:  you will find a Baby wrapped in swaddling clothes and lying in a manger.


BIG Mid-October Discounts!

10.4.13 639

It’s the time of year to smell the aroma of homemade apple pies baking in the oven, to hear the crunching sound of crisp, Autumn leaves disintegrating under foot and–to watch pups play in the cool air.

KYPSAH is offering dog daycare and boarding specials for the month of October–a perfect opportunity for you to grab some “me time” and get organized for the upcoming Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays!

These specials are good for new and existing clients (we prefer to call clients “friends” but we’re using the word clients so you know this means YOU, too).  The special prices also boast all of the extra goodies…what our friends have also come to also love about our service…to include, but isn’t limited, too:   Free picture or video updates via text or email, free extra pictures, if any, sent to you via Shutterfly, no additional costs for special diets, all treats and beds we provide and even special off-leash excursions weather and other variables permitting.

Offer Details

10.4.13 680

Service:  Daycare

Special Discount:  20% Off

Discount Code:  daycareOCT2013

Valid dates:  10/14 – 10/30, Mondays through Fridays only, 8 a.m. – 5 p.m.


Rules and restrictions:  This offer is for one dog only.  This offer does not apply to multi-dog families, which are already discounted.  This offer cannot be combined with other offers, discounts or promotions.  Must state discount code at time of reservation in order to obtain discount.  Please see the Daycare service page for pup requirements.  All qualified candidates must fill out and submit electronically, the Boarding and Daycare Application.



Service:  Boarding

Special Discount:  20% Off

Discount Code:  boardingOCT2013

Valid dates:  10/14 – 10/30


Rules and restrictions:  For nights 10/14 – 10/30.  This offer is for one dog only.  This offer does not apply to multi-dog families, which are already discounted.  This offer cannot be combined with other offers, discounts or promotions.  Must state discount code at time of reservation in order to obtain discount.  Please see the Boarding service page for pup requirements.  All qualified candidates must fill out and submit electronically, the Boarding and Daycare Application.

[pullquote_left]Space is limited so get your reservations in now![/pullquote_left]

Service Change

This is a service change note.

As of July 26, 2012, we are no longer offering dog walks as an independent service.  In an effort to maximum and free up as much time as possible for our most popular [dog] services (dog boarding, daycare and related pet taxi service), we are removing our least requested dog-related service.

As always, if you have any questions, please feel free to reach us at

A Luxurious Ride with Tempur-Pedic

We’re constantly on the lookout for good deals that meet our needs and we found a GREAT deal in the use of Tempur-Pedic bath mats, which double as a bed and area liner in our “Pooch Mobile”.

Prior to coming across the idea of using a foam bath mat as a liner/dog bed for our truck, we were scouting for reasonably priced foam dog beds. The problems we found (just to name a few) were:

  • Too big and bulky
  • Too expensive
  • Wasn’t a good fit for muddy paws and wet dogs


You may be wondering why we were insistent on a foam-based bed and the answer is that our dogs, as well as some regulars we board, are getting up there in years. We wanted where they laid down to be easy on their joints; the inside of the truck was no exception. The difference between the truck and the house is that the truck gets really, really dirty–fast. So, we needed not just a foam bed but a liner for the interior (floor) where the water, dirt and muck wouldn’t ruin the newly-replaced carpet (at least not right away). The foam bath mats was just the trick!

The foam bath mats have a rubber lining and a foam top pad! It was the perfect solution for us so we bought–a few 😉  We purchased six to cover the entire area but could’ve gotten away with just buying five at the cost of $20 each mat.

The real test of this idea came when it was time for the dogs to “load up” for an outdoor hiking adventure (when dogs stay with us, we’re hiking, swimming and performing some serious outdoor adventures). And, what a difference these pads made! What we noticed right away was as follows:

  • The dogs immediately wanted to lay down (even the younger ones that like to stand)
  • The dirt and hair was surprisingly easy to remove (you can always dry shampoo the mats, too, at your local car wash)
  • The pads kept everything from reaching the carpet (even wet paws)


If you’re interested in purchasing some of these bath mats to try out for yourselves, you may be able to find a much better deal than we did. However, we went to Big Lots! to get ours because they are right down the road from us and generally have some pretty good deals most of the time.

We’ll probably end up getting more for the inside of the house, as well as, the deck.  Our dogs always love to lay on our Yoga mats the moment we pull them out for a workout so we’re thinking that they really enjoy the Tempur-Pedic mats just laying around the house 🙂

If you have any ideas that have worked out great for you, feel free to share in the way of a comment!

Where do the dogs sleep when staying with you?

They sleep wherever they wish, too.  They sleep with us in our home and are treated just like one of our own dogs.  We have one kennel that is up just in case one of them wants his/her own space (our dogs love to sleep in them with the door open) but they all sleep around the house together in an open environment (cage-free).

Exclusive European Style Boarding

KYPSAH offers–and has offered–European style boarding since 2004.

What is European Dog Boarding

European style boarding is a cage-free style of boarding where the dogs live as a pack within our home.  In a nutshell, the dogs that partake in sleepovers become like our dogs and live with our family:  They sleep in the house with us just like our own dogs do.  This is the difference between us and a kennel:  There is 24/7 supervision around-the-clock and the dogs that stay with us are in a home—not a “home-like” environment.

Typical Day

A typical day at our home consists of waking up and letting the dogs outside to do their business first-thing.  Afterwards, we exercise them prior to eating breakfast (a dog that may have a medical condition will quite possibly be on his/her own routine where they have to eat first).

Play time

During the course of the day (before and after breakfast), the dogs get a lot of exercise that starts in the morning—weather-permitting.  There are structured leash walks (this means the dogs are not allowed to lead but follow a strict, disciplined walk), skate sessions (this is a good exercise for those that have an abundance of energy), group exercise play after the walk and skate sessions are done (this exercise is only for dogs that are up to playing and do not have physical conditions that prevent such exercise; dogs are also sized up to play with dogs of like-size) and breed exercises.

Among exercising them and throughout their stay with us, they are also rules and boundaries they must adhere to.  Consequently, we keep them burning psychological energy as well by issuing commands when needed, i.e., “out of the kitchen” as the kitchen is off-limits.

After all of the physical exercising, the dogs generally rest for a while and lounge around the rest of the day.

What We Provide

We provide everything:  Toys, treats, beds and all the love they can handle.  The only thing you need to provide is their food.  Homemade diets and medications are also taken care of at no additional charge; you just need to provide the food and we’ll cook it for them as per your instructions.

An Exclusive Style of Boarding

Our dog boarding style is rather exclusive as we only take in a select few on a nightly basis, and since this service is an informal service, it is offered to those people who feel that their pets need more than our other services can offer them.  Therefore, this service is solely for the benefit of the dogs to meet their unique, personal needs, as well as, their owners to give them peace of mind knowing that their dogs are getting the most attention possible.  With this being said, our informal dog boarding service books up very fast and especially around the Holidays.

Thanksgiving 2006

What Type of Dogs We Normally Keep

The types of dogs that really benefit from this style of boarding are as follows:

  • Dogs that are used to having people around them all day
  • Breeds that long for a lot of human interaction
  • Dogs that have health conditions, i.e., Diabetes, seizures that need to be monitored closely
  • Dog families that need to stay together

Important Notes

  1. We do not discriminate among breeds.  We accept all breeds provided the dog meet all of the criteria.
  2. All dogs from one family must meet the criteria—no exceptions.

Now Taking 2012 Reservations!

We are now accepting 2012 reservations!

Please review the following dates for when we are scheduling to be closed and/or only offering minimal services:


  • Saturday, January 7: CLOSED
  • Friday, February 24: Dog Boarding only
  • Saturday, February 25: Dog Boarding only
  • Saturday, March 24: CLOSED
  • Sunday, April 15: CLOSED
  • Saturday, May 19: CLOSED
  • August 13 – 19: CLOSED
  • Sunday, September 9: CLOSED
  • Thanksgiving: CLOSED
  • Christmas Eve and Christmas Day: CLOSED


Okay, now for a little clarification as to the changes this coming year.  The reason we chose Saturdays or Sundays to close was two-fold:


  • We decided to close/offer minimal services on the Saturday or Sunday that surrounded a birthday. We’ve always held birthdays in high regard so this coming year, we decided to take a little time off.
  • The reason we chose either a Saturday or Sunday (even if the birthday fell on a weekday) was so that we didn’t interfere with our client’s work schedule (since we service clients by walking dogs and giving them potty-breaks during the week while our clients are at work).


A big change that you’ll see on the above list is that, for the first time since we opened back in February of 2004, we’ve decided to take one year and not work on  Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.  This is a HUGE change for us, and we hope that everyone understands 🙂

Here’s wishing you and yours an early Happy New Year!  We look forward to servicing you this coming year.