It's the Little Things

It’s the Little Things

It’s the little things that  make the biggest difference sometimes.   We find this way of thinking to be especially true when it comes to working hard at not transferring germs from household to household when we’re out performing pet services.

Anti-bacterial Gel From Bath and Body Works

When we’re pet sitting, we’re always careful about using anti-bacterial gel in between houses that we visit.  Our favorite  supplier of anti-bac gel is Bath and Body Works.

Bath and Body Works makes using anti-bac gel fun and invigorating because of all the different scents that they have to  choose from.  And, it’s always fun to check out their new scents (the animals actually enjoy smelling them, too) 🙂

Jessie, Roger and Jordan all seem to love the scent “Island Margarita”.  Larry is the only exception who really doesn’t  care if the gel smells like plastic as long as it gets the job done 😉

It’s no secret of the importance that cleanliness plays in dealing with pets especially when you’re traveling from one place to another; different pets in different houses are often exposed to different things. For example, some pets frequent the dog parks whether others aren’t allowed to go for a variety of reasons.  Realizing this, we do our best to always respect our clients and their pets (we call them our “foster fur-kids) even in the smallest of details.

Now, does sanitizing your hands keep germs from spreading entirely?  No, because viruses such as Kennel Cough can find refuge and safe harbor on the fabric of the clothes you wear (especially your shoes).  So, though we don’t know what viruses are floating around, in everyones’ houses, or keep track of where all of our clients go with their pets, we do our part by at least making sure to sanitize our hands between pet visits in an effort to always keep your pets safe and happy.