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K-ROMP is our off-leash adventure service!  We have been taking dogs to Truckee for off-leash adventures for several years.  Heck, when we started our company up in Truckee back in 2004, we offered K-ROMP then!   The adventures offered through the service KROMP has become quite popular. But more importantly, the adventures are great fun for the dogs boosting their off-leash and socialization skills.

Because this is an off-leash adventure in areas where there are no fences and wildlife lives, you can imagine that the dogs have to be very good off-leash!


* Very dog-friendly
* Very good off-leash
* Not noise sensitive
* Ride well with others
* No guarding of objects, food or people
* At least 6  months old
* Up-to-date on vaccinations
* At least 30lb
* Must be registered in your county
* Must wear registration tag and name tag
* Be healthy enough to engage in rigorous hikes
* Spayed/Neutered


Our hikes are generally in the Truckee Tahoe area but are subject to change.


K-ROMP is facilitated most generally on Mondays and/or Fridays, weekly, but these days will be subject to change and/or if unforeseen events arise such as severe road and weather conditions, pet sitter illness, etc.

Dogs will be picked up in Woodland between 7:45-8:15 a.m. on K-ROMP days (free of charge).  If you live outside of Woodland, please call/text us at 530-867-5727.  A surcharge applies for pick-ups outside of Woodland.

* $40.00 per dog


Everything is provided for the dogs  (no actual feedings such as breakfast, lunch or dinner will be provided).  If your dog has food allergies, you are responsible for supplying your dog’s treats.

* No discounts are available for this service.

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