Quick Tip Idea for: Futon Mattresses

Quick Tip Idea for: Futon Mattresses

Need a cheap dog bed?  One thing you can try is buying a used futon mattress on Craigslist and then just cover it with a sheet or a futon mattress cover (either one works for keeping it clean).  Since we go through beds over here rapidly, the futon mattresses work out well and you actually get TWO for the price of ONE (once you cut the connecting piece of fabric between the two parts of the mattress).

A non-exhaustive list of things you can use these mattresses for, with regards to pets, is as follows:


  • “Steps” for a little dog gym:  a)  just the two pieces of the futon mattress will act as big steps for little breeds to jump and run along, or b)  cut one or both mattresses to create a pyramid for little dogs to exercise on
  • Actual dog beds (great for large breeds, too)
  • A transition tool.  Step 1: Place the mattresses next to couches for training your dogs to stay off of the furniture but still being able to be close to you.  Step 2: When they know the mattresses are their “beds”, you can then place the bed away from the furniture


So far, I think the most use from our futon mattresses has been from the little guys who love to jump and run across it while playing Fetch 😉  We haven’t made the pyramid idea yet but just having the two (pieces) is enough to embark on a world of fun and exercise adventure for the smaller breeds.

As always, please share your thoughts and ideas 🙂  We would love to hear them!