Paw Prints Points for May - Newsletter

Paw Prints Points for May – Newsletter

We welcome you to this month’s edition of our Paw Prints Points newsletter!

The blossoming of souls,
Is yet to be found,
Just around the corner.

Lap time for Chessa

Welcome Aboard!

Welcome posts to newcomers are being placed on the website as of late April.  We’re always thrilled at KYPSAH to meet new pets, and always thankful for the opportunity to care for them. Hence, we decided to create little welcome messages to all of our new clients as they come along.

So, if you’re new to KYPSAH, with warm regards we thank you for choosing us as your pet sitters!

Christmas Coupons

So far, quite a few people this year have redeemed their 2010 Christmas Coupons, and what a blessing it has been being able to pass on a special savings to our clients 🙂  For those of you who have redeemed your coupon … woot hoot!  We hope that you enjoyed the extra savings it provided.

If you haven’t redeemed your Christmas Coupon, no worries!  They expire on 12/31/11 so you still have some time to use them.

For those of you who were serviced last year but don’t remember receiving a Christmas Coupon, get in touch with Jessie Riggs 🙂  She would love to help you!

A Service Elimination

Samantha and Jessie: Beautiful Souls

Not all services are equal demand-wise and the service that was called “Overnights” which dealt in house-sitting, was one of those services for us.

Since the other services we offer far surpassed Overnights in demand, it became increasingly difficult to find someone in the family who could perform the service when the rare request would come in.  Therefore, the decision to discontinue the service was made.

We apologize if the discontinuance of this service upsets any of our clientele and we hope that you understand.  As always, however, you can always customize a service that tailors your pet’s needs based on the current services we offer.

Click to view the official service discontinuation notice.

It’s The Little Things

Anti-bacterial Gel From Bath and Body Works

Sometimes it’s the little things in life that make the most difference.

A small gesture that can equate to something big is the simple measure of just sanitizing our hands between pet services.   This small feat is one big way that we at KYPSAH express care and concern for our clients and their pets.


Tap It Merchant Program

Tap It Merchant Program

Jessie is always working at brainstorming various ways at bringing more discounts, and venues that provide discounts, to as many people as possible.

In these difficult economic times, it can be very challenging for pet owners to be able to afford much-needed pet care. Since Jessie doesn’t want the pets to suffer, nor her clients’ pocketbooks, she came up with a merchant program where merchants can hook-up together in order to provide employees with discounts on services from a multitude of companies nationwide. Her hope is that the program takes off…please pray that it does, if it’s His Will.

Dog Training

Quite a few people have asked Jessie if she does professional dog training. The answer is no, she doesn’t. She always makes it a point to work with any dog that she’s in charge of despite the service because that’s just who she is. Whether the dogs are highly-trained or under-trained, her particular forte is creating a sense of balance with them while they’re in her presence.

She has expressed extreme appreciation at the confidence, which many people have placed in her ability to relate to dogs, over the years. Consequently, though she gave dog training serious consideration as to making it an official service, she decided not to do so mostly due to the fact that–at least as of currently–it isn’t a direction she wants to go in. She hasn’t ruled it out though, as far as, offering it as a service down-the-road (when her resources are at a level to facilitate such a service with regards to the high degree of professionalism that she would insist on giving everybody).

As per Jessie herself, if you need some in-person help or just questions answered via email, she will be more than happy to help you.

Note: Please check the site from time-to-time because Jessie has quite a few how-to videos in the wings for showing you how she works with the dogs that are in her care.

Kool K9s

Walk Like an Egyptian


Dancing is no problem here for Wrigley who could start her own dancing show for dogs: Dancing Dog-to-Dog. In this picture, she was rather fond of doing her rendition of “Walk Like an Egyptian”. At least, this is the song we immediately  thought of when the picture was taken…LOL

Funny Felines

Singing "Three Blind Mice"

This was our cat image of the month. Why? Because we can just hear the excitement and expectation coming from Peaches while imagining her singing “Three Blind Mice”. At least, she hopes three blind mice cross her path some day 😉 “O-o-o-o-h … three blind mice…”