Why aren't you offering dog walks?

Why aren’t you offering dog walks?

We removed dog walking from our list of services to concentrate our resources to our most popular pet sitting services:  In-Home Visits, Dog Daycare and Dog Boarding.

When we relocated down to the valley back in 2004, dog walkers (professional and non-professional entities) were listing their service at a highly discounted rate, which was below our standard visit rate and which was the same amount of time–30 minutes.  To be competitive, we set up our dog walking rates to be competitive with theirs but just found it to not only be a pricing conflict but a service-scheduling conflict.  Therefore, this past July, we removed the dog walking service entirely.

Dog walks are still performed within the scope of an In-Home Visit routine in which the walks are 10-15 minutes of the 30 minute block of time.  Longer In-Home Visits can be reserved.  Please see our In-Home Visit service page for rates.

The ability to customize your pet’s care is also available.  Just let us know what your dog’s needs are and we’ll work with you to construct a service that meets his/her exercise needs, e.g., in-home visits mixed with partial daycare (if your dog meets the daycare criteria).