Keeping The Ride Safe This Summer

Keeping The Ride Safe This Summer

Summertime can be the best time to have fun with our pups 🙂  Quite a few of us pet owners take them to the beach, to run errands with us or wherever we go.  Just remember, dogs run hotter than we do and can overheat and suffer a heat stroke—fast.

Animal Protection Institute (api) did a study on just how hot cars get that was posted on Red Rover.  You may be surprised at these figures but it’s good information to be armed with just in case you think you’re doing the right thing by leaving your pup in a parked car on what you think is a “cool” day.

Note about the study:  When you read these numbers, they’re not tacking on degree-wise how hot the dogs actually are due to wearing fur coats nor does it mention another variable such as dogs that are intolerant to heat or that overheat easily.

A good rule of thumb is carry hydrating items with you, in your vehicle, just in case you may need them.  It’s always better to be prepared than find yourself in a situation unprepared.

Keep ’em hydrated!

Items to carry with you in your vehicle even if you’re only driving around town:


      • A cool gallon of water
      • A dog bowl (the collapsible ones are convenient and fold easily)
      • Optional: K9 Thirst Quencher



The above items are great to have in the car especially if your car breaks down or the air conditioning goes out 😉

[pullquote_right]Safe travels with your pet this summer![/pullquote_right]