What is "Job-Sharing"?

What is “Job-Sharing”?

Job-sharing is where two or more companies/people are both involved in taking care of your pets–but separately and independently.  This particular situation usually arises when your first [pet sitting] company/person of choice has limited availability and you need to hire a second company/person to take care of your pets the days that the first company/person cannot.

For example, let’s say that you need pet sitting to cover dates January 1, 2013 through January 5, 2013.  You contact KYPSAH giving us the dates that you need.  However, we’re only able to cover January 1 – 4.  You can either go with someone to cover all of the dates exclusively, or you can hire us to cover the dates we’re available, as well as, another person to cover the date we’re not.  This is job-sharing:  Two separate entities coming together–but independently of one another–to cover one job.

Lastly, in the situation of job-sharing, both sets of people need to have each other’s contact information in order to touch bases with one another concerning the pet’s care.