A Luxurious Ride with Tempur-Pedic

A Luxurious Ride with Tempur-Pedic

We’re constantly on the lookout for good deals that meet our needs and we found a GREAT deal in the use of Tempur-Pedic bath mats, which double as a bed and area liner in our “Pooch Mobile”.

Prior to coming across the idea of using a foam bath mat as a liner/dog bed for our truck, we were scouting for reasonably priced foam dog beds. The problems we found (just to name a few) were:

  • Too big and bulky
  • Too expensive
  • Wasn’t a good fit for muddy paws and wet dogs


You may be wondering why we were insistent on a foam-based bed and the answer is that our dogs, as well as some regulars we board, are getting up there in years. We wanted where they laid down to be easy on their joints; the inside of the truck was no exception. The difference between the truck and the house is that the truck gets really, really dirty–fast. So, we needed not just a foam bed but a liner for the interior (floor) where the water, dirt and muck wouldn’t ruin the newly-replaced carpet (at least not right away). The foam bath mats was just the trick!

The foam bath mats have a rubber lining and a foam top pad! It was the perfect solution for us so we bought–a few 😉  We purchased six to cover the entire area but could’ve gotten away with just buying five at the cost of $20 each mat.

The real test of this idea came when it was time for the dogs to “load up” for an outdoor hiking adventure (when dogs stay with us, we’re hiking, swimming and performing some serious outdoor adventures). And, what a difference these pads made! What we noticed right away was as follows:

  • The dogs immediately wanted to lay down (even the younger ones that like to stand)
  • The dirt and hair was surprisingly easy to remove (you can always dry shampoo the mats, too, at your local car wash)
  • The pads kept everything from reaching the carpet (even wet paws)


If you’re interested in purchasing some of these bath mats to try out for yourselves, you may be able to find a much better deal than we did. However, we went to Big Lots! to get ours because they are right down the road from us and generally have some pretty good deals most of the time.

We’ll probably end up getting more for the inside of the house, as well as, the deck.  Our dogs always love to lay on our Yoga mats the moment we pull them out for a workout so we’re thinking that they really enjoy the Tempur-Pedic mats just laying around the house 🙂

If you have any ideas that have worked out great for you, feel free to share in the way of a comment!