Gotta Love Skippy!

Gotta Love Skippy!

If you find yourself taking a road trip with your pooch, one of the things that I like to try and remember to take with me is PEANUT BUTTER!  #gottaloveSkippy

Peanut butter comes in handy and could (probably should) even be added to [dog medical kits].  A couple of great things about peanut butter is: It keeps for a long time and doesn’t have to be refrigerated after opening!

Peanut butter comes in handy in a variety of situations such as:


  • You never know if your pup is going to get hurt on a trip (you definitely hope this doesn’t happen but it’s always great to be prepared) and you have to give them medication.  You can hide the pill in the peanut butter;
  • Again, on the medication-giving-note, if your pup has to take their common medication (especially those medications that require them to have food on their stomachs), gotta love peanut butter to help with that process;
  • You get stuck in traffic for a LONG time (gotta love I-80 traffic back-ups in heavy storms) and you AND the pups need a snack;
  • Another tip for traffic and peanut butter use:  Fill a Kong with peanut butter and let them chew on it for a while.  This will keep them busy, which is especially great if there is no safe place to let them out to stretch their legs;


The above are just a few quick-and-dirty tips for peanut butter use for dogs while traveling.  If you have any tips on peanut butter use for dogs while traveling, we’d love to hear your suggestions!  Please post below!