Farewell to Crosby

Farewell to Crosby

We are placing a memorial to Crosby Dowrick, a most special soul to us.

Crosby passed on this past Saturday, the 20th of August. To know him was to love him. And, words cannot express how much he will be missed.

We had the pleasure of caring for Crosby when Bob traveled many years ago. He was a Golden Retriever who was adored by all who came in contact with him from neighborhood kids, to neighborhood dogs and to our entire family who loved petting and kissing him during our visits with him.

One of Crosby’s signature moves was to carry a milk bone in his mouth when he would go for his walks. He was so gentle with it and you could visibly witness the depth of compassion that he had within him just by the way he carried it [his bone]. Of course, he didn’t have compassion for his bones but the compassion existed for people and other animals he knew as friends.

From his gorgeous, big, brown eyes to his lovable self, Crosby was nothing short of love personified.

We will miss you, Crosby, and have missed you throughout the years since we moved from Truckee. Though distance can often be a tough variable to conquer, for various reasons, the memories that we have of you will always remain present in our hearts.

Thank you for touching our hearts in such a deep way. We love you.

Jessie, Larry, Roger and Jordan