Where do the dogs sleep?


Where do the dogs sleep?

All sleepover guests (four-legged love machines as we call them) sleep inside just like our own dogs.

How much food should I bring?

Oftentimes, dogs here are burning a lot of calories!  An increase in your fur-kid’s daily servings may be in order especially if he/she is running a lot!  Some dogs also want what the others are eating so make sure that you also bring with them some canned food if you can.  The canned food also helps with dogs that are picky eaters.

What do I need to bring?

For first-timers, you may need to bring paperwork with you, i.e., copy of vaccinations and completed agreement forms if they weren’t submitted prior to the start of service.  Along with your fur-kid, you need to bring his/her food and payment in full (if you’re paying with PayPal, payment must be received either prior to or on the first day of service.  We supply the beds, the leashes, the toys, treats and a TON of LOVE.  All you need to bring with your fur-kid is his/her food.  Food is the one thing that we don’t supply 😉

What if my dog runs out of food while boarding?

If your pup runs out of food, we’ll feed him/her our food at the rate of $1.25 per feeding.