Dogs on-the-go

Dogs on-the-go

Jessie likes to travel with her dogs all of the time.  Almost everywhere she goes, she’ll have the dogs with her unless she’s performing visits where the dogs can’t go.

Pet Taxi

Dogs on-the-go

Because she loves traveling with dogs, and they enjoy traveling with her and her family, she also makes sure that KYPSAH offers a Pet Taxi service.  At this time, this service is only available as a pick-up and drop-off service for dogs who are in Daycare or are being boarded with the Riggs.  However, this service may be expanding to something larger–as an  independent service itself.

Riding along in my automobile

Have dog will travel

If you’re  needing a pet taxi for your dog, just let us know.  KYPSAH makes every effort possible to provide as many services as possible for its clients in order to help them, help their pets.

Just a note that many cats don’t do well when traveling.  Because of this, we strongly suggest that the owners travel with their cats, if at all possible, and not a hire a pet taxi service just to ensure as much as possible, a stress-free travel experience for the cat.