Christmas Coupons Discontinued

Christmas Coupons Discontinued

As of this year, we are no longer offering Christmas Coupons.  I know what you’re thinking, “Oh, they’re cutting back like everyone else seems to be.”  Well, the direct answer to this statement would be “yes” and “no”.  Let me explain….

For years, we offered Christmas Coupons at the end of each calendar year for anyone who was serviced by us that particular year.  The coupons would often be HUGE discounts (anywhere from 10 – 50% off of services, even a select number of FREE service days, too, depending on the volume that the client spent with us)!  The bottom line for us having to stop this particular program though is that our love for giving (being “overly generous” as we have been called) was hurting our bottom line; this is the cold, hard truth.

Our services are already at rock-bottom prices considering all that comes with a service (off-leash hikes, toys, treats, beds, no charge for medications or special diets, etc.) and we still offer our ongoing Facebook discount, which is 10% off boarding and daycare for those that “like” our page 🙂

Look for random acts of kindness throughout the year (deep discounts and free things just because) though as always 😉  We’re not stopping these!  We just absolutely LOVE what we do (the hardest part is charging a fee for something our hearts are so invested in but we have to) and Christmas should be felt all year long!

Here’s hoping your 2014 has been awesome so far!!