The Wonder of Cats

The Wonder of Cats

Cats are a lot of fun to take care of and can be quite amusing! They’re often thought of by some people to be independent and self-sufficient.   But, are they truly?

Quite a few people think that concerning cats, if they put enough food and water down, they should be fine for…oh…a good week or so. Well, we don’t agree 😉  You’re thinking, “You’re a pet sitter so of course you don’t agree. You just want the business.”  The answer to these hypothetical statements would be “absolutely not”.   So, let us explain why we believe that cats are not as self-sufficient as many people think.

Cats are rambunctious and into everything and that doesn’t change when the people of the house are gone (this is especially true for younger cats or cats that just have a lot of energy). They’re adventurous and love to explore. During their escapades, they can often find themselves in precarious positions such as:

  • Shutting themselves in cabinets by opening the door and not being able to get out
  • Wrapping themselves up in window blinds
  • Running around the house and knocking over their food and water dishes
  • Eating something hazardous because their food ran out (this is referring to a situation where they are not checked on enough, i.e., once-a-week visits type of scenario)


The above are just but a mere few examples of things that can go way-wrong really fast. Because we don’t take chances, we refuse to accept requests where we’re asked to just check in on someone’s cat once a week.  The least amount of visits that we’ll do is one every other day (this is only for cats that are not too old, do not have health conditions nor on medications).

Cats are truly amazing creatures that appear to have a good bead on things but they’re more dependent on you than you may think.  If you’re unsure how many visits your cat needs, here are a few things that we look at when helping you determine how frequently your cat will need visits:


  • Is your cat on any medication?
  • Is your cat over 10-years-old?
  • How long have you owned your cat?
  • Is your cat used to you being home all day?
  • Has your cat recently lost a loved one, i.e., another cat or a very close member of the family?
  • Did you recently move?


If you answered “yes” to one of the above questions, then we’ll be suggesting every day visits for your kitty (at least once-a-day visits to start).

If you answered “no” to all of the above questions, then we’ll be suggesting every-other-day visits at the least (unless you prefer every day visits, which is completely fine, too).

Whatever your kitty’s needs are, we’re here to help him/her–and you. And, we’re here as well to answer any questions you may have so please don’t hesitate to contact us 🙂