Dog Training Exercises

We know how much everyone loves the videos so we are posting a few off-leash dog training videos that were taken during our training exercises yesterday.

In these videos, you will see the dogs react to the commands given, but because the video was taken in first-person format, you will not be able to see Jessie herself in the background issuing the commands.

These videos are showing Felix, the Golden, and Bear, the Lab, in a training session not only working on their recall (come when called) but responding to directional changes by the use of a verbal command, as well as, a hand signal. They did excellent!

One thing to note: Before we started the off-leash training, the pups had already had a 45-minute leashed walk plus a vigorous 30-minute session of Fetch just to remove a great deal of energy BEFORE the off-leash training session started. These two are very energetic guys (not the highest of energies on the ‘energy scale’ but definitely high).

Finally, Felix in the final video is used as a doggie mentor for Bear. Bear is still a pup and has a ways to go in training (he’s on his way to becoming a Search and Rescue guy). Felix is older and much more responsive so he aids Bear in learning the commands much faster than if Bear was in training by himself.

[pullquote_right]Dogs are the best teachers for training other dogs! [/pullquote_right]

Working with Dogs

Though we are not “dog trainers”, we do work with dogs while they’re in our care.   From no training to advanced training, we work with dogs of all skill-sets by helping them improve their existing skills or teaching them new ones.

In this particular video, we are working with a Lab pup who needs some work learning to come when called (recall).

[pullquote_right]Dogs can have a lot of fun as you’re working with them on their skills 🙂 [/pullquote_right]

Puppy Training

We do not offer puppy training as a formal service but rather just work with dogs that are in our care whether it’s through the service In-Home Visits to Daycare to Boarding to just Dog Walks.

This video is in a compressed format because we send them to our clients as visit updates (for services:  In-Home Visits or Dog Walks) either via text or via email–at the direct conclusion of each visit.

In this video, little Kinje is nearly 8-weeks-old.  He is learning manners by learning how to sit and lay down on command.  Along with these two commands, he also learns to sit patiently (“wait”) before walking through a door and only after the pack leader (human).  He’s such a smart little guy who is absolutely adorable!

Fall and Winter Skating

Just an FYI that skating isn’t done in the rain of any kind.  Skating will continue throughout the fall and winter months provided the weather condition, for that day, is conducive for skating.

If you have any questions, just let us know at

We’re Baaack–from Vacation!

We had a great week off just spending time as a family and unplugging for a while.  It was a much-needed break and now we’re ready to tackle your pet-sitting needs and see all of our “foster” fur-kids (a term we use to denote the special pets we have the opportunity of taking care of).

During our family’s vacation, among a few other things, Jordie and Jessie went to help Sam Blake of Never Cry Wolf Rescue and Adoptions with the wolves.  We thought you might like to see a couple of pictures along with a video, so check them out below.

Jordie with Ambassador Timber


Ambassador Timber


When Dogs Crack Us Up!

This funny dog video is of Ein, a little boy we have the absolute pleasure taking care of every week! In this video, we thought we would outsmart Ein by placing his favorite squeaky bone toy underneath his bed. Well, it turned out the joke was completely on us as he quickly figured out how to get the bed to squeak by mimicking our body movements.

For us, this video is worth its weight in gold!

Funny Cat Video!

Smooch gave us the laugh for the day; the day that we were in the right place and the right time catching this on video!

A Morning Treat

A dog’s daily, psychological diet always consists of a cool morning walk.   Naturally, dogs are all about adventure and intrigue especially in the morning (dogs wake up with a new batch of energy each day that needs to be drained).  They love to explore new smells and areas on a daily basis.  Knowing this, we like to surprise our dogs with a little off-leash time as a reward.

It goes without saying that certain conditions for dogs going off-leash must be met.  They must be under voice command at all times (it’s good to have the basic commands well-understood prior to letting your dog off-leash to include:  Sit, stay, and down), have zero aggression and be up-to-date on all of their shots.

A little off-leash romp when applicable can also be turned into a training refresher course!  Therefore, always make the most of the time you spend with your dog reinforcing command skills they already know; introducing new commands they need to know; playing a game of fetch or other breed-specific exercise in order to feed that part of their personality that needs to be fed.

Associating multiple forms of exercise (mental, physical and emotional) all at once will drain your dog’s energy completely.  They will feel satisfied, content–and tired.

[pullquote_right]Engage every facet of your dog’s personality in order to effectively drain their energy.[/pullquote_right]

Morning Bliss

With the rain out of the way at least for a week, the dogs are taking advantage of climbing trees and playing fetch every chance they get.  This morning’s video was no exception and you can see the happiness in the dogs.  They love the California sunshine, that’s for sure!

In this video, Lanai (white girl in the tree) is seen in the tree.  It’s her favorite thing to do when she’s outside is climb trees, or at least the trees that she can climb.  And, she teaches this skill to all who have the capacity to learn.  Molly, the German Shepherd who Lanai knows as her “baby” (because she raised her from a pup), never was able to grasp this tree-climbing skill.  Therefore, all she does is wait for Lanai to come down and play with her.   Consequently, Lanai will jump down out of the tree on purpose to startle Molly…they’re funny to watch.

In the background is Roscoe.  Roscoe is in the video with his toys around him.  He’s a toy-guy and loves to play fetch.  Though he, too, can climb trees, it just isn’t his thing…LOL.

We thought we would post this video as a salute to the sunshine–and happy dogs as a direct result of it!

Kitten Bonding Time

Kittens are normally pretty easy to bond with. However, if you’re not part of the family such as a pet sitter or friend of the family, a great way to bond with your friend’s kittens is by letting them lick baby food off of your fingers.

Just grab some Gerber baby food (in the video, the kittens loved Gerber’s Chicken with Chicken Gravy) and put a little on your finger. It’s possible that only one or two kitties in the litter may come to you to begin with, but it won’t be long before they all find their way to your finger during this special bonding time that they will come to enjoy. In fact, once they hear you open the jar, be prepared to be used as a human cat tree! Kittens are pretty smart, very fast, agile and love to eat!

Within a week or less, the kittens will no longer be hand-shy if they were to begin with. You’ll have a great group of kitties to have fun with the next time you decide to watch the bundles of fur for your friends.