Read just a portion of our client testimonials.

Yoli Calderon – California

“It was so cute that Riley wants to go with you 🙂  I bet that happens with all the dogs you and your family take care off.”

Aimee B – California

“He had an amazing time this last weekend.  I can tell.  I can tell you work with him a lot.  He came back to me a more obedient pup =)  He’s still wiped out from the last weekend =)  and he seems a cuddle bug more than ever =P lol  I love it.”

Lisa Yates – California

“Thank you! I love these videos and pics! Makes me feel like I can have fun on my trip instead of worrying about who I left behind!”


Nikki Wong – California

“Wrigley had quite a day!  She passed out in the car and has been asleep ever since we got home.  Thanks again for taking such great care of her!”

Sarah Cording – California

“You gave us such peace of mind, knowing you were taking excellent care of Kiara. You gave her lots of attention and socialization; you returned her to us cleaner than when we left her; you didn’t put up with her stubbornness, and you worked with her and enjoyed her despite it! Who could ask for better caregivers of one’s pet? :-)”

Navid Ahmadian – California

“The dogs are really missing you!”

Randy & Colleen Daugherty – California

“Jessica, Thank you, thank you for taking great care of Mick and Toby! I really enjoyed all the photos, they looked like they had a great time. It’s nice to know that they too are on vacation while we’re away. For sure, I’ll be calling you again. I know they had a good time, especially when Toby was so reluctant to get out of your truck. That’s a good sign. Take Care and please feel free to stop by anytime. Colleen, Randy, Mick and Toby”

Abby Hamilton – California

“When my husband and I go off on a trip I can feel truly relaxed, knowing that Jessie will be taking care of our pets; she does indeed make the animals safe and happy and she is attentive to all the details. This summer, Jessie wasn’t available for the last two days of our trip schedule, so I hired a different petsitter to cover those two days. Thank goodness for Jessie! When she came to drop our key
off, she noticed that noone had been in the house since her last visit, so she phoned me. I failed to check my voicemail, so Jessie didn’t hear back from me. She went in to check on the animals, and found them distressed, hungry, and thirsty. My second petsitter had never showed up, and never notified me. If the animals had been neglected much longer, the results could have been tragic.
We learned two lessons: never hire a petsitter that you can’t completely trust .
Also, make sure during vacations to be checking your voice/ e-mail, in case something does go wrong.
We feel very fortunate to be able to use KYPSAH.”

Karen Blakeman – California

I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate the pics you took. Of course I had to order the photo album-they’re so cute. Thanks again, Karen”

Julie Buchner – California

“Jessie and her whole family do an amazing job of caring for our loved, furry beast 🙂 They have been taking care of our golden retriever, Wrigley, since he was just a puppy and I truly trust them like they are family. Wrigley just LOVES visiting them and whines with excitement as we pull up to their house. He is given so much love and attention and is always worn out from playing by the time I pick him up. They treat him just like he is one of their own!! Thank you to the whole KYPSAH family for loving our boy so much!”