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Remembering Misha 2000 – 2014

Meet Misha, an intelligent girl though smaller in stature had a personality that was larger than life!  She was Phoenix, Lanai and Roscoe’s sister, Lanai’s co-puppy trainer, Ross’ herding partner, our warming presence when anyone in the family was sick and so much more.

We met Misha back in the fall of 2005, when she was just five years old.  Sassy and spirited, this girl walked into our lives and planted deep roots in our family from that time on.

Misha at Work

Misha took great pride in helping me, along with Lanai, raise all of the many pups that came into our care–and I mean MANY!  She was a dominant personality who had zero tolerance for unruly behavior, and when a pup needed correction, she felt she always needed to be right there beside me to back me up…LOL.

In conjunction with watching puppies, herding the wayward dogs during the hikes who didn’t come when called (she and Roscoe were great partners in this job duty), she was also the family’s nurse.  Hence, one of her nicknames:  “Nurse Mish”.  Anytime one of us were sick, she was right there to sit or lay with us, along with her brother Ross who would do the same.  She  especially faithful to lay with Jordie when Jordie wasn’t feeling good–they had a very special bond.

Funny things we’ll miss–and always reflect on–are:

  • Misha digging, and subsequently, throwing rocks to herself that she would turn around and fetch;
  • Misha joining Ross on a dig for “Chippies” (chipmunks)–he loved to see her come because the girl could MOVE earth;
  • Her ability to know the English language and thus help Ross translate commands to new pack members;
  • Watching her and Lanai–sisters in crime–work with the pups;
  • Her expressions and vocal conversations with us (she would always “talk” to us);
  • Holidays because she was always an entertainer;



Misha and Ross

We were extraordinarily blessed to have her with us for as long as we did and truly thank our Lord Jesus for the gift that she was!

Misha, we will always love and miss you more than words can say and hope to be reunited with you some day when The Lord calls us home.  Until then, sweet girl, GO PLAY!

Let Freedom Ring!

You may be out celebrating America’s Independence Day over the course of the whole weekend and why not?  This is a very special time for Americans…a very special birthday and one that we should celebrate.

Freedom isn’t free.  For every day that we wake up in our beautiful country with the rights and freedoms that our forefathers suffered and died to give us, we should weigh in on just what we hold in our hands…just what freedom means.  Through their blood, sweat, tears and under God’s authority, we are a free country; we are a unique nation that still has many worldwide citizens wanting the opportunity to call America home.  Freedom…such a powerful word.

Just love

Just love

As our family celebrates the 4th, we will be doing so with fur-kids that will be our guests 🙂  If you’re needing to travel over this wonderful holiday and need care for your pup, we would love to take care of your pup for you!  Check out what we offer under our Services page (requirements, pricing and so forth are also listed on the pages).

May the supreme freedom we have in Christ Jesus find you well, happy and blessed this 4th of July!

*beautiful cards such as the one on our slideshow can be found at*

Reservation Notices and Changes Mid-Stream

Sometimes we get general questions about our cancellation policies or changes that are made mid-stream (when a service is already in progress), so we thought we shed a little light on what they (our policies) are 🙂

Because we limit the amount of sleepover guests we accept on a nightly basis, we recommend a week’s notice (a week from the time you need to board your pup with us).  On or around major holidays, however, it is recommended that a four to six week notice (consider this is a minimum as Christmas reservations start coming in as early as June) ­is given when making a reservation request.

Additional Notes

  • No reservation deposit is required;
  • Mid-stream changes to the reservation to a service in progress does not constitute a refund.  A credit, however, may be given, which is determined on a case-by-case basis;


Common Q&As Associated with Reservations and Cancellations


  1. Q:  Do we accept last-minute reservations?
    A:  Yes, we do if we have the space.  Actually, it is quite often we do accept last-minute requests from existing clients 🙂
  2. Q:  Will I have to pay a cancellation fee for changes to my reservation?
    A:  No, you will not.  However, you just won’t receive a refund if the service is already in progress.
  3. Q:  Do you offer the pet taxi service, too, on a last-minute basis?
    A:  Absolutely if we do if we possibly can.  It just depends on our schedule.  We do our very best to meet the needs of our clients and their fur-kids at all times!
  4. Q:  Do you charge more for last-minute requests or negate discounts normally offered because of the last-minute request?
    A:  Nope, we do not 🙂


As always, if you have any questions, don’t be shy!  Please let us know!

Quick Tip on Dog Beds for Big Dogs!

One thing you can try is buying a used futon mattress on Craigslist and then just cover it with a sheet.  Since we rapidly go through beds over here, and have large dogs to take care of, the futon mattresses work out well and you actually get TWO for the price of ONE!

Ikea sells them for under $100.

Craigslist may even have them cheaper!

We have used these beds in small dog, indoor, obstacle courses, as well as, just being loungers.

Big dogs welcome

Big dogs welcome


Mark Your Calendar!

We have a few calendar notes, for the remainder of the 2014 year, we would like to bring to your attention 🙂


Dates We Are Closed

VacationKYPSAH will be closed the following dates this year for vacation:

  • October 3 – 12
  • December 20 – 25


We are open for Thanksgiving and all other holidays this year SAVE for Christmas.


Reservations for the Holidays

Doggie pie for pups!

Doggie pie for pups!

We are currently accepting dog boarding reservations for and around July 4th, Labor Day Weekend, Halloween, Thanksgiving and New Years Eve.

Please note that Thanksgiving is our biggest holiday of the year. We typically are booked anywhere from 4-6 weeks out.




Concerning Doggie Daycare on Holidays

Our Doggie Daycare is not available on Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, New Year’s Eve, or New Year’s Day.  Only Dog Boarding is being serviced on these days.

As always, space is limited so let us know as soon as you can what dates you’ll need your fur-kid boarded. Feel free to fill out our New Reservation Request form to get started!

As always, if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact Jessie Riggs at (530) 867-5727 (call/text). She would be happy to help you!

Gotta Love Skippy!

If you find yourself taking a road trip with your pooch, one of the things that I like to try and remember to take with me is PEANUT BUTTER!  #gottaloveSkippy

Peanut butter comes in handy and could (probably should) even be added to [dog medical kits].  A couple of great things about peanut butter is: It keeps for a long time and doesn’t have to be refrigerated after opening!

Peanut butter comes in handy in a variety of situations such as:


  • You never know if your pup is going to get hurt on a trip (you definitely hope this doesn’t happen but it’s always great to be prepared) and you have to give them medication.  You can hide the pill in the peanut butter;
  • Again, on the medication-giving-note, if your pup has to take their common medication (especially those medications that require them to have food on their stomachs), gotta love peanut butter to help with that process;
  • You get stuck in traffic for a LONG time (gotta love I-80 traffic back-ups in heavy storms) and you AND the pups need a snack;
  • Another tip for traffic and peanut butter use:  Fill a Kong with peanut butter and let them chew on it for a while.  This will keep them busy, which is especially great if there is no safe place to let them out to stretch their legs;


The above are just a few quick-and-dirty tips for peanut butter use for dogs while traveling.  If you have any tips on peanut butter use for dogs while traveling, we’d love to hear your suggestions!  Please post below!

We’re 10 years old!

This February 2014  marks our 10th birthday!

We’re so excited to still be here…and to still be growing 🙂  Most importantly, however, we’re humbled and appreciative of all of the fur-kids that have come, and continue to come, in our care.  So, a BIG SHOUT OF THANKS to all of our client-friends who afford us the daily opportunity of loving and caring for your pets <3


Quick Tip Idea for: Futon Mattresses

Need a cheap dog bed?  One thing you can try is buying a used futon mattress on Craigslist and then just cover it with a sheet or a futon mattress cover (either one works for keeping it clean).  Since we go through beds over here rapidly, the futon mattresses work out well and you actually get TWO for the price of ONE (once you cut the connecting piece of fabric between the two parts of the mattress).

A non-exhaustive list of things you can use these mattresses for, with regards to pets, is as follows:


  • “Steps” for a little dog gym:  a)  just the two pieces of the futon mattress will act as big steps for little breeds to jump and run along, or b)  cut one or both mattresses to create a pyramid for little dogs to exercise on
  • Actual dog beds (great for large breeds, too)
  • A transition tool.  Step 1: Place the mattresses next to couches for training your dogs to stay off of the furniture but still being able to be close to you.  Step 2: When they know the mattresses are their “beds”, you can then place the bed away from the furniture


So far, I think the most use from our futon mattresses has been from the little guys who love to jump and run across it while playing Fetch 😉  We haven’t made the pyramid idea yet but just having the two (pieces) is enough to embark on a world of fun and exercise adventure for the smaller breeds.

As always, please share your thoughts and ideas 🙂  We would love to hear them!

Christmas Coupons Discontinued

As of this year, we are no longer offering Christmas Coupons.  I know what you’re thinking, “Oh, they’re cutting back like everyone else seems to be.”  Well, the direct answer to this statement would be “yes” and “no”.  Let me explain….

For years, we offered Christmas Coupons at the end of each calendar year for anyone who was serviced by us that particular year.  The coupons would often be HUGE discounts (anywhere from 10 – 50% off of services, even a select number of FREE service days, too, depending on the volume that the client spent with us)!  The bottom line for us having to stop this particular program though is that our love for giving (being “overly generous” as we have been called) was hurting our bottom line; this is the cold, hard truth.

Our services are already at rock-bottom prices considering all that comes with a service (off-leash hikes, toys, treats, beds, no charge for medications or special diets, etc.) and we still offer our ongoing Facebook discount, which is 10% off boarding and daycare for those that “like” our page 🙂

Look for random acts of kindness throughout the year (deep discounts and free things just because) though as always 😉  We’re not stopping these!  We just absolutely LOVE what we do (the hardest part is charging a fee for something our hearts are so invested in but we have to) and Christmas should be felt all year long!

Here’s hoping your 2014 has been awesome so far!!

Standing up for Wolves!

As some of you may know, Jessie is a Board Member for Never Cry Wolf Rescue and Adoption (NCWR&A), and one of her passions is helping people understand wolf behavior, which is completely contrary to the well-known myth and folklore surrounding these majestic creatures.

Meet Timber.  He’s a Wolf Ambassador for NCWR&A.  He is very shy, a typical wolf trait.  He is also very loyal, loving, playful and sweet.  In this particular photo, volunteers were working on the grounds of NCWR&A painting, filling in “wolf holes” (this den of Timbers was left alone) and doing much-needed work around the facility.  Timber was terrified of them and the noise they were creating by filling in “wolf” holes, painting, etc. so he retreated to his den where he felt safe and secure.  Jessie had been vigil on the outside of the den trying to coax him out, letting him know that he was safe.  He eventually made it out of his hole but as soon as he heard a loud noise, he was in that den faster than you could blink your eyes!

Wolves are afraid of humans and yet they are being senselessly slaughtered daily in so many states.  There are wolf aerial shootings allowed  in states such as Idaho and Alaska; there are wolf hunters out there killing them for their skins; they are used for target practice by being captured in traps left to bleed slowly to death all the while in utter agony.  All of this is going on with no protection in sight unless they can be placed BACK on the Endangered Species List…a list they should’ve never been taken off of to begin with!

Humans are the ones to be afraid of!  The pride, the arrogance, the ignorance…a perfect concoction creating, within the human race, maleficent, contemptible individuals.

If you’re a wolf-lover stumbling upon this post, check out  They are doing their absolute BEST at keeping the public up-to-date with anti-wolf laws, as well as, the senseless slaughtering that is currently taking place in so many states under the guise of “protecting” the [public] and their interests.

Please raise your voice and take a stand for the wolves!

Thank you!